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Beach Wedding Mistakes | What Nobody Tells You (2019)

Updated: Aug 4, 2019

Ajay Manaktala is a wedding expert and has DJ'd or organized over 50 destination weddings on places like Hawaii, Malibu and Mexico.

Beach wedding in California or elsewhere?

Sounds amazing...and it is.

But before you sign on the dotted line with the Ritz Carlton or whatever beach front property you're looking's 5 things you need to know, from beach wedding dress and attire to ideas about your photography and food.

1. The Sun equals Heat!

God bless the Sun, because it gives us life on earth. And that picture perfect backdrop where you kiss against the water, nice.

But wait, is that sweat?

Yes, with California going upwards of 80 degrees even in the winter until 5 or 6PM, that tuxedo you spent $1400 on and the Vera Wang dress you stressed about for months is now sweating and transparent.

Your guests will also need shaded areas and often times that's hard to put in the 100-200 seats you need in front of the altar. Speaking of the sun...

Can you tell where the Sun is here?

2. That Beach Hotel is Cheap cause the Sunset is the Other Side

We often see people find amazing deals on beach front properties, and then forget to realize the sunset happens on the other side.

Which means, you're not getting that amazing photo or experience at 6PM on your big fat wedding day.

And also, the lighting will have adverse effects on your photography, although those can be mitigated with modern technology. There's a reason that cheap hotel in Thailand is called Sunrise Resort and not Sunset Resort!

You want these guys by your altar in front of your guests just for your IG story?

3. Wind in your Audio Outdoors

That would suck if every cell phone recording and even professional recording had a ton of wind as you guys are speaking, and we can't really hear your vows.

Most professional wedding photographers are pro enough to do audio, but unfortunately they're not going to be able to lav (clip a mic under your shirt) you while you're getting ready, so they'll rely on a big ugly boom mic (the long stick you see on film sets with a fuzzy top). Not only will that ruin a lot of the view of your ceremony, it will also still capture a lot of wind in coastal areas.

These days we continue to see couples ask their guests to opt for a phone free/phone-less wedding ceremony.

Their idea is the professionals will tag all the photos on Instagram later with the hashtag and you can grab them there...and you know, actually enjoy the ceremony. Speaking of wind...

4. What to wear to a beach wedding?

Sunglasses and shades are great, but many don't pose without them.

Those pictures are less impactful later as eyes are the window to the soul and most memories should be without sunglasses! I know it's trivial, but we hang out with brides all the time, these are things you see pre and post weddings!

Also sundresses can blow around, blazers and suit can lead to misplaced wallets and cell phones, and much more.

beach wedding mistakes
There will be a lot of mosquitos near those lights!

All fine, all great, but also do you want sand in your dress shoes and then need to head to an indoor wedding reception right after?

If you do it around dawn, how will mosquitos and other insects be taken while the fairy lights (also called market lights) turn on?

EYES tell the most emotion.

5. Maui Beach Wedding Packages: To Good to be True?

Most beach wedding packages are just to get you in the door.

Once you realize that for 50 people, it's literally pasta, hotel steak, Budweiser and Captain Morgan, they make their real money as they upsell you on all the extras.

Be mindful of these things.

Also remember for destination weddings, you may think "OF COURSE ALL 100 of my friends will come." but in reality, a few of the people who you expect the most to be there won't make it, and vice versa for the ones you barely expected to even RSVP.


What are your thoughts on Beach weddings in 2019? Did we hit the nail on the head or you still have questions, comment below!

And as always, for your professional wedding DJ Sound and lighting requirements in Southern California, which also has some amazing beach wedding venues, do give us a call! We specialize in Western, Chinese, Arab, Indian (that's me), Fusion and exotic weddings.


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