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Corporate Event DJ

Looking for a Corporate event DJ or DJ, Sound and Lighting near you for your office party in Los Angeles, Orange County and Southern California? 


We've done events for the NBA All Star Game (2018), tech companies, insurance firms, Ford Motors management, the Slumdog Millionare official Oscar after party, the Hollywood Roosevelt hotel, small office parties and pretty much any big corporate office Christmas party you can think of...and speaking of OFFICES....Here's my 15 Minutes of FAME!!!


Our DJs​ have also worked at some very large companies over the years themselves.


One is even a practicing lawyer.  


We know what makes good professional entertainment at office parties and corporate events in California. It's great you're having a Deloitte event next to a space shuttle or a KPMG event near the Kodak Theater...but guess what...

You got to keep it interesting also to increase employee morale and get your colleagues talking on social media!

Will your DJ tell you how to spice up your CEO speech so the 22 year old entry level kids can also relate to the company ethos? 

Will your sound and lighting team come to the venue with you to see how they can use the space most effectively? 

Will they raise their invoice on time, with the right details, to ensure processing isn't a headache of 10 emails back and forth?

Will they try to suggest a great comedian option, or a organized dance option, or photo booths and photographers who actually increase the vibe and fun of the event? 

Most corporate events are just a lot of glitz with no character and all formality...we aim to change that and want to have the water cooler on Monday be "wow" and not "how could they do that?"

BONUS on DIVERSITY - Considering we have a multicultural team from Mexico, India, Europe, Africa, the Philippines, South America and Iran...we know how how to bring your company's diversity together so everybody can come together on the dance floor!


DJ/ Turntablist

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