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Double the Wedding at Half the Cost.

Before you start putting deposits down and picking venues, consult with an expert today.

Send us your details and we'll get back to you to set up a free intro-call.

Celebrations Should Be About Laughter and Smiles!

Benefit from my expertise managing and entertaining over 1000 South Asian weddings and families.  Once I've reviewed your wedding plans and costs, I'll optimize it to find you opportunities to get more for every dollar. 

  • Need someone to see the hotel contract before you sign?

  • Think your overpaying for your wedding vendors?

  • Want to understand different decorator options?

  • Is your wedding reception timeline risky for delays?

  • Do you have enough free/catch up time for your guests?

  • How to deal with flexible contracts and deposits?

  • Are you wasting money on food/beverages nobody is goign to eat?

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Maximize Your Budget

Insider knowledge on pricing, venues, mistakes and must-haves versus avoids makes sure all your contracts are the best they can be. 

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Avoid Wasted Expenses

Rock solid contract reviews on cancellations, deposits, last minute venue issues and typical things you can avoid (e.g. hotel buffets never run out of food so don't over order!)

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Delight Your Guests

Rest easy knowing you have the best deals, the best vendors, a tight program and a truly special wedding that everybody will say had character and felt like everything just "fell into place."

Ajay helped our wedding go under budget while exceeding everyone's expectations.  We've had endless compliments about how everything was super tasteful, just right and not overdone or gaudy. 

Not only did our guests have a ball, we got way more included from our venue and hotel than my brother's wedding.  I wish I knew all of this earlier!

Shashi M, Senior Investment Banking Manager, HSBC. 



DJ, Photographer, Planner, Henna artist or catering, there is always room to improve your deal.



Often times simply scanning a contract with the hotel and primary caterer can get a decent cost reduction. 



Wastage and inefficiencies usually occur in larger weddings, hence we only consult on weddings over 225-250 guests.  However if you have a smaller wedding question you can always ask us we're more than happy to answer a few questions.


Hotel Negotation & Contract

  • Compare your contract to similar wedding contracts

  • Understand if you can negotiate for better services or more concessions (e.g. Free Breakfasts)

  • Don't get caught with hidden charges (extra $1K USD to keep ballroom from 12 to 1AM)

  • Review contract from decorator, florist, DJ. 

  • Hotel wants $3500 for another 300 tiffany chairs, when they have them in house? Hmm...let's see. 


Highest Viewed Writer on Indian Weddings in Quora

Ajay Manaktala

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Fashion & Vendor Selection

  • Find the best Indian bridal wear fashion and vendors either from America or via mail order in India. 

  • Organize shopping assistants store to store in India. 

  • Recommend the best, authentic bridal and mens fashion for silks, sherwanis, pashmina gifts and much more. 

  • Wait, it costs $5000 for a dress IN INDIA!?!?!? Is that normal!?!?! Umm, actually some bridal wear costs more, Hi Sabya. 


Sabya Bride, Writer & Wedding Planner

Riccha Ericcson

Making Posters

Itinerary Gap Analysis

  • Did you miss something in your wedding planning?

  • Should you have tea and coffee during that 4 hour break in the lobby?

  • Is the DJ required at your wedding ceremony? If so does he/she know that?

  • Have you picked the correct entrance song? Any issues with that (e.g. it might speed up in the middle). 


Expert at wedding planning, reception timelines & family wedding dynamics (seating, entrances, etc...)

Bhavin Shah

Don't overpay just because you're over whelmed.  

What you get:

  1. 2 Hotel Contract Reviews (Up to 10 Pages) 

  2. 1 Decorator Contract Review (Up to 3 pages)

  3. 1 Itinerary Audits (Sangeet, Wedding, Mehndi and Reception schedule)

  4. Customized Shopping Recommendations for Bride & Groom (USA) from vendors we trust. (LA, NYC, SF, Houston and Chicago)

  5. 90 Minute Consulting skype/phone session regarding your wedding

    • Should I really give a speech?

    • How much do I pay when they steal my shoes?

    • What's the best custom for gifts and guest gifts? I

    • Is this a good price for the hotel?

    • Why is it cheaper on Kayak than the 100 rooms I blocked? 

If we can even get your hotel to waive one item, you will make the easiest ROI ever!


I'm Ajay Manaktala, CEO and Founder of Special Occasions Los Angeles. I've  helped over 450 couples in over 12 countries have incredible wedding for fantastic budgets. 

I can consult virtually on almost any shaadi celebration in the United States and Canada. 

Over the last 19 years of running my own company and this site, I've worked weddings for clients from Ford Motor Company, San Disk, Google, Microsoft, NBC, Apple and many more. 

I know what it takes to ensure your wedding goes through at the best prices and the best memories. 


Book a consulting call today and let's quell those doubts!

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