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Silent Disco Rental

Silent Disco Headphone Rental in Southern California


When volume is an issue whether it is your venue's sound ordinance or different volume preferences of your guests.

Each silent disco headphone has the ability to control it's volume independently.


Our system has the ability to play three different audio feeds. 

With 2 or 3 different DJs you can see who your guests are listening to.


Flashing red can mean someone is dancing to bollywood, green can be hip hop, and blue can be Jazz.


With an Indian DJ on one channel, and a hip hop DJ on another channel you can watch your guests have a great time.  These are perfect for multicultural Indian weddings where one side may not like or understand music of the other.

Take off the headphones and see who actually knows the words of the songs. A great new experience for Indian weddings, corporate events and other social occasions.

Sound Ordinance

What a shame to have a beautiful venue just to find out amplified music has to shut off by 10pm.


With Silent Disco you can go later into the night without worrying about noise complaints.


Great for house parties, wineries, ranches and hotels with guests rooms close to the ballroom.

Silent disco headphone rentals are available in Los Angeles, Brea, Orange County, San Diego, the Bay Area, Hollywood and more.  Perfect also for corporate events!

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