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planning OR DJ?

Hawaii? Mexico? The Caribbeans or Bahamas?

You've come to the right place! 

Did you know that on average couples rarely stick with their first destination choice

Mexico is perfect for Gujarati and Punjabi destination weddings, great, but then it might be hard to find samosas.  


Let's do Hawaii instead!


Maui is dope, but maybe Honolulu is more accessible.  


Actually screw it, our guest list is now down to 100, let's do a Gujarati wedding in Kauai! Oh wait, we have to spend $1K to fly in 80 dandyas for the garba...hmmm...something else to think about.  


Regardless, wherever you decide we will make sure your guests have the time of their life! 


By the way beach bums, did you make sure that beachfront hotel deal faces the sunset, and not the sunrise? 


Whether you need help negotiating your hotel, are still selecting your vendors, or just need a world class Indian DJ or sound/lighting, we can help across the spectrum of Punjabi, Gujarati, Pakistani, South Indian, Mixed and any other type of destination Indian wedding.  


Our DJ's travel the world and rock the mic, (if you want them to that is). They also know when to let your event breathe and play the sun downer vibes or stay off the mic. 

We're also based in Southern California so can save on expenses by hiring locally or simply driving things down to Mexico.

Screen Shot 2019-06-24 at 8.04.10 PM.png

My own Indian wedding in Tulum outside Cancun!

Even if you don't need our services, please check out our Indian Wedding blog for the latest hacks to reduce your Indian destination wedding cost.  Also check our Yelp reviews!

Every destination wedding planner will say "Oh wow I've never seen the hotel room rates so low."

But most just want you to sign and pay the deposit so (understandably) - they can get to work!

But we'll also happily share sample buffet prices and perfect tips for planning your Big Fat Indian Destination Wedding!  You also want someone to tell you "Hey you aint gonna get it cheaper, this hotel will honestly get booked in a week by somebody else so do it or can it."  

Trust is a two way street in this business and respect is key! Please do check out the competition because in this sometimes high stress environment, we never want you to second guess your decision.  


Here's a gig after which I thought I was also going places.  But after Hollywood DJ'ing has taken our team to Mexico, Hawaii, Belize, Thailand, Costa Rica and India.

Here's a free tip for destination Indian weddings.  


Did you know that most hotels don't want to reduce the cost, but you can always ask them for more? 

  • Free breakfasts,

  • waive the wifi

  • no parking fees,

  • extra 3 hours till 2AM in the ball room,

  • free coffee or smoothies when guests check in...

  • 30% off on massages for guests

  • you can ask for more than you think!

Do you trust the Indian food made by the Hyatt in Honolulu, or do you want to cancel that and go with some untested restaurant outside?  

Do you trust in your Indian wedding planner or DJ's fee but also trust that they will go to bat for you to get you the best deal and best EXPERIENCE possible?

Aint no point spending $11K on a Sabyasachi Lehenga or Outfit if you're gonna sweat a gallon from your room to your Baraat to your Mandap.  Also if Grandma from Baroda has to wait 20 minutes for a golf cart to get her from the room to your wedding, you're gonna bake in that sun! 

 I wish my decorator told me that before I was soaked on my own Mandap in Tulum (outside Cancun!)


Screen Shot 2019-05-21 at 6.26.13 PM.png

Oh and our Baraat's are legendary, do check out some of our 2019 highlights below from California and beyond.   Will your Punjabi DJ also offer advice like "Hey, maybe go with a light funky Kurta during your Baraat because you're about to get SOAKED! Then change in your venue's spare room." 



Dual Destination Indian Wedding we DJ'd, Thailand, Feb 2019! Guarati-Punjabi and even Malu in one Go!

Indian Destination weddings can feel intimidating but once you have one you realize how much fear and nerves complicated an otherwise simple process.  Hire a partner who carefully understands your requirements (trends but also tradition!) and wants to use their expertise to make your event perfect for your situation.  There's no point spending $3K on fireworks in the Bahama's if you would have much rather enjoyed just having 2AM pizza for you and your squad.  (Or both, hey if you want that too). 

So are you ready to make it a truly special occasion? 

Get a quote or inquire about our services now! And most importantly...CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU BOTH!

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