• Ajay Manaktala

Indian Destination Wedding | Ultimate Guide | 2020

Updated: Jan 22, 2020

Indian destination weddings are awesome. They're like a high school reunion with people you want to see and usually are 3 day affairs complete with sun, sand, photos, food, booze and beautiful clothes.

Planning an Indian destination wedding, on the hand...can be a different kind of fun.

Those require:

  • logistics,

  • interviews,

  • office meetings,

  • contracts,

  • and a bunch of other stuff that doesn't come to mind when you think of a beach!

The Rise of Destination Indian Weddings

2019 has seen the most we've ever seen, along with the amazing Ranveer-Deepika, Priyanka-Jonas and Ambani-Beyonce Bollywood weddings. There's no more exciting time than wedding season for middle-class Indian families across the world and for good measure.

People who once hung out every day get to catch up, there is plenty of food and drink, love and culture are celebrated and even business deals are struck. But of course if there is one thing Indians are known for across the world, it's our obsessive hospitality.

And you'll never see hospitality more evident than the Big Fat Indian wedding.

There's a joke in Indian wedding planning. Oh you thought the wedding was for you two? No no, it's for your families!

As a result of all the beautiful weddings we see daily on Pinterest, it's no secret that these days newlywed's are constantly looking for the perfect indian destination wedding experience.

indian destination wedding mistakes.
Aren't you glad we did Oahu and not the Big Island? Where would we have found masala chai at the last second?

Destination South Indian Wedding Locations for 2019

  • Hawaii (Oahu and Maui and Kauai)

  • Cancun, Tulum, Playa Del Carmen and Other Mexican Cities

  • Thailand (Bangkok, Phuket, Chang Mai)

  • Sri Lanka (Bentota, excellent value for money these days)

  • India (Udaipur and Jaipur and Goa)

  • Bahamas and Caribbeans

  • Italy (Lake Como thanks to Bollywood)

How Much Does a Destination Indian Wedding Cost?

How much does a big fat destination Indian wedding cost? For 300 people, about $220,000 over 3 days with ALL expenses. Yes you'll save on half the guest-list, but you'll spend a lot more on making sure those who made the trek have a fantastic time. We see it all the time, even if people planned to spend just $85,000.

For example, If a Los Angeles City wedding costs $120,000 for 300 people across 3 days, you'll likely spend the same for 150 people in Oahu or Maui, maybe 5 to 10% more.

You'll probably end up spending the same amount had you had it in Los Angeles or Chicago.

Generally when the father of the bride realizes about 40 of his old medical school friends or family from India are coming, he wants to host them a day early, or rent out a restaurant for dinner to catch up, or spend more time going to beaches, etc..

Factors That Affect Destination Wedding Costs