• Ajay Manaktala

Where Should I HAVE My Indian Wedding? | USA or India?

Updated: Aug 20, 2019

Ajay Manaktala is an Indian wedding expert, has been on NBC's the office playing an Indian DJ and even plays one in real life. With over 20 years of experience planning high end luxury Indian weddings, he knows the ins and outs of our sometimes crazy industry. In order to give you some sanity in this time, you're probably thinking about where to have your wedding as a first major Indian wedding planning step. And part of that will be understanding this post on whether you should go to the homeland or keep it red white and blue.

Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas just asked that question and my guess is so will you!

In this post I'm going to help you weight the pros and cons of deciding where to have your big fat Indian wedding.

In today's round we have the USA versus India!

Welcome to the great Indian wedding.

So should you have your Indian wedding in India or America?

How to decide!?!?

Over 20 Million Indian people live overseas and many grapple with this question everyday.

We thought it best to share a few tips on how to decide where you should do your wedding.

So where should you get married and tie the knot!?!

Indian Wedding Versus American Wedding
Indian Wedding: Is this India or America?

1. India is Not as Cheap as you Think

Bride and Grooms who grow up in the US/Canadahave sticker shock when they realize the costs of an Indian wedding (at least a five-star-hotel-style wedding) ultimately even out.

Sometimes the costs in India are even higher due to availability of fancy hotels and demand.

(Not to mention the fact that the wealthiest Indian family just hired BEYONCE for their wedding).

Sure the food might be 40% cheaper, but the average Indian wedding dress (hello Sabyasachi) cost way more than the Western counterpart.

Hotels are jam packed with local and foregin brides looking to block their wedding dates.

An average Jaipur palace wedding can go above half a million US Dollars. So think long and hard before simply deciding on price. My own brother moved his wedding from Goa to Thailand because even with flights, the costs were more pricey in Goa.

2. Where are most of your guests coming from?

If most of your guests are from North America and only 10% from India or Pakistan, have it in America.

If most are from India, then flip that, now that India does Visa on Arrival.