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Indian Wedding Reception Timeline

Updated: Jul 31, 2019

Ajay Manaktala has planned and DJ'd over 500 Indian wedding receptions.

Are you unsure how to structure your wedding reception?

Maybe you have questions like:

  • When to do the entrance?

  • When to cut the cake?

  • Should you even cut a cake?

  • What about the toast, dinner, and so on?

Here's a sample wedding reception schedule to get you started.

Explanations on why are listed below.

This is for an Indian wedding but you can adjust as needed for your specific event. We recognize as an Indian bride you're dealing with the baraat and traditions and a million other things, but this is meant to give you guidance on this sometimes overwhelming time!

Indian wedding reception timeline
I hope the buffet is ready!


As a rule of thumb, please try to keep speeches down to 20 minutes in TOTAL.

A best practice is to not allow more than 4-5 minutes per speech.

While it sounds like a little, trust us that in order to have a smooth flowing and entertaining event, this is required.

Ask any comedian and/or public speaker and they'll agree.


You can also use this to figure out the order of wedding reception items!

  • 6:30PM - 8PM: Cocktails and appetizers in the foyer/lobby.

  • 7PM: Ballroom or venue should be ready.

  • 8PM: Doors open for guests. DJ or live act plays background music to set the tone.

  • 8:30PM: Couple makes their grand entrance. DJ announces "Please welcome for the very first time Mr. and Mrs (last names)!" (One of my favorite parts of the job)

  • 8:45PM: After a few photos and the commotion settling down, let's start the program.

  • 8:45-9:30PM: Welcome speech, toast, dances from friends/family. Play the same day edit if you have it.

  • 9:30-11:30PM: Dinner and Socializing

  • 10:30PM Onwards: Dancing & Party time! (Let this overlap with dinner)

While this might sound simple, think back about what makes a good wedding reception? People want time to enjoy the food, have conversation, take photos, chat with the guests of honor, and so on.

Don't have your speeches go over 20-30 minutes!

Questions? How do you structure your wedding reception? Follow us on Instagram or email us for a free 10-minute ask us anything Indian wedding consultation!


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