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How to Plan a Virtual Wedding Ceremony

The last few months have changed the world in more ways than we realize.

One of the biggest industries to be affected is the wedding industry, and my heart goes out to couples looking for options in today's climate.

One of those options, as restrictions ease up and things calm to have a virtual wedding and for many of our clients, a virtual Indian Wedding.

What is a Virtual Wedding?

Most wedding ceremonies are witnessed by a few hundred people.

Given that those guest lists will likely be a lot smaller, a virtual wedding would still have ab altar, a priest and close family.

However, the event will have a few extra camera's and microphones to stream to other attendees on zoom. Viewers can watch and also be projected on larger screens for the in-person guests to interact with.

virtual indian dj and wedding
Stream it up close!

How To Have a Virtual Wedding or a Virtual Indian Wedding?

In order to plan your virtual wedding ceremony, you'll need to go through t

he following steps:

  1. Figure out your in-person and virtual guest list.

  2. Choose which events (ceremony, reception, sangeet, mehendi) you want to stream live.

  3. Figure how many camera angles and camera men you need. (Most virtual weddings have 2-3 so guests can watch the couple, family reactions and one wider or closer shot).

  4. Send a virtual invite to your guests and communicate protocol (e.g. guests should be muted, allocated time to conversing, etc..)

  5. Organize a DJ in-person or virtually who will play music, first dances, and MC the party and engagement.


While virtual events, conferences, seminars and now weddings may feel quite different than what we're used to, they're here to say and it's important to plan properly.

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