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Live Stream Your Wedding Service

Stream any event, wedding, ceremony, birthday party, music or festivities to the folks who matter.

Highly interactive and engaging.  Any wedding, any culture, we have DJs and Staff experts at all events!

Serving California and the West Coast.  Based in Los Angeles.


What's Included

  • Professional Camera person on site

  • Expert DJ for all cultures.

  • Zoom Host or DJ to welcome guests, moderate first dances, cake cutting, officiants, speeches, and more. 

  • Technical assistant to help with connectivity issues. 

  • All technical equipment and software

  • 1080 HD Video

  • Private link (no download or app needed) for guests to view

  • Video on Demand for a Year

  • PC, Iphone, Mac, Android compatible. 

  • Download Broadcast in HD

  • Live Broadcast Tech Support

  • Real Time Guest Chat and Viewer Chat

  • Unlimited Online Viewers

  • Custom Broadcast Webpage

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As the current global situation unfolds, the event industry and large gatherings will be affected for some time.  We're seeing an increasing number of clients opt to proceed with smaller in-person celebrations and large online gatherings. 

SODJ has done all my family's events in America.  Our ceremony and reception had so many changes due to everything but they came through for the 20 person crowd and technically for 150 guests online. 


It went way better than I thought. 

Nick, Groom.


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