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Bollywood DJ & Lighting | Hotel Negotiations | Logistics & Planning | Dhol Players

LOS ANGELES BASED. You will save on flights.

Don't get confused by "amazing" wedding packages and all the scary info you read online!  

We have done over 50 Indian weddings, sangeets and even garbas in Hawaii on all the major islands. 


  1. Bollywood and American DJ  & Lighting 

  2. Pandit Booking

  3. Hotel Negotiation

  4. Planning Services  & Vendor Selection

  5. Dhol Player (we're known across the world for this)


As of August 2019 we have partners and vendors there designed to save you travel costs and money to ensure a smooth and memorable experience in:

  • Honolulu, 

  • Maui,

  • Kauai  

  • the Big Island.



  • There aren't many Indians in Hawaii, and the existing Indian community is small but you can get what you need for your South Asian function IF you plan ahead.  (e.g. who had dandias already there? or 100 Ganesha statues?)

  • Sikh's there isn't a gurdwara in Hawaii but there is an Iskon temple in Honolulu.  


We bring you trends and tradition.  Your big wedding culminates on the dance floor and our goal is to bring it all together for you.

  1. DJ's who travel the world constantly being requested for South Asian and Bollywood functions.   Our core business is DJ and Lighting but these days we pretty much help in everything, from hotel negotiation to vendor selection (transport shuttles, catering, photographers, etc..)

  2. Our team speaks English, Hindi, Punjabi, Gujarati, Spanish, Farsi and more. 

  3. The leaders in Indian weddings, Pakistani Weddings, Iranian and Persian Weddings, Afghan weddings and of course Western/American/Multi-cultural weddings. 

  4. From getting the right hotel permissions to DJ and outfits, we'll help you get it all sorted even just beyond providing entertainment.

  5. Our insider Indian wedding blog is 100% free and even if you don't hire us, please do read through it and you will guaranteed catch something for your big day. 

Get in Touch

Please let us know the date, number of people, and what services you need (e.g. Wedding DJ and Lighting, or planning services as well). We are usually booked 6 months in advance but dates open up all the time. 

FAQ for South Asian Weddings in Hawaii

1. How much does an Indian Destination Wedding Cost?

Every wedding is different.  We have a detailed Indian wedding costing breakdown here.  But for Hawaii, as of 2019, you can expect to pay around $200-$250 per head, per event. So for 300 people your costs would be around $200K, but we see most weddings be 150 people and cost around $160-175K.

2. Are Maui Indian weddings better than Honolulu or Oahu Indian weddings?

Maui is gorgeous, but to be honest, so are parts of Oahu as you move away from Honolulu.  You'll also get better deals and have that beautiful seclusion you desire for your major photos.  Maui is also harder to arrange for Indian things, but not impossible.  It's also more expensive.  If you have a guestlist smaller than 120 people, Maui works.  If it's larger than that, we'd advice trying Oahu.

3. What about Hawaii wedding packages?

Well, those are nice, if you have 30 people at your wedding.  We have a full blog about just this.

But do you really think you're only going to spend 30 minutes with a photographer, when your family is 20 people by itself and pasta/pizza isn't going to cut it for a reception dinner.  Those are just to get your foot in the door. 

4. How many times should I visit?

We advice at least 3 trips.  Once to scope out at least 4-5 properties, once to lock in and pay a deposit (between $5,000 and $15,000) and then once more to stay at the hotel, finalize your vendors and everything else.  Can you do two trips? Sure.  But should you do just one? NOPE. Not for Big Fat Indian weddings at least. 

They're so many questions, so even if you don't hire us or just want to chat comment on any of our IG posts or simply mail us! We did our own wedding in Tulum, Mexico and know how exciting this time can be!

A veteran of Indian weddings and a great option for Maui.

Four Seasons Maui

If you want Kauai and have less than 100 total guests. 

Princeville Kauwai

A sure shot bet for your Big Fat Indian wedding. 

Turtle Bay Oahu

D.J. / M.C.

390 Cliffwood Park St, Brea, CA 92821, USA

(714) 253-3118


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