• Ajay Manaktala

Indian Wedding in Mexico | the Ultimate Guide (2021-2022)

Updated: Jul 9

Ajay Manaktala is an Indian-American from California who planned his entire Indian wedding in Tulum, Mexico.  He’s also a DJ and Indian wedding expert that has worked over 1000 South Asian weddings over the last 20 years all over the world.  From the Bahamas to Bangkok, Europe to India and of course Latin and Central America...he knows that wherever Indians are, Indian food and culture is still important. 

In this post he tells you everything you would want to know about planning an Indian Wedding in Mexico! Muy bien! 

indian wedding mexico resort ideas
Cancun (and surrounding areas) and Los Cabos are the most popular areas.

This post is part of our ultimate guide series and quite long so it’s structured in the following way in case you want to scroll ahead:

  1. Overview

  2. Best Time to Visit

  3. Pros of a Mexican Indian Wedding

  4. Cons of a Mexican Inddian Wedding

  5. Major Areas to get Married

  6. Major Venues

  7. Cost of an Indian Wedding in Mexico

  8. Priorities your Guest’s Will Care About

  9. Things that Can Go Wrong (Risks)

  10. Vendors


Congratulations on looking at Mexico as your shaadi destination!  It is an absolutely stunning choice and combined with the spice and color that makes up our desi weddings, you’re definitely looking at a good decision.  It’s also very popular with Sikh, Punjabi, Gujarati, and most other South Asian communities!

That being said, before you lock in on a place like Cancun or Tulum or Quintana Roo, you should understand why you want to do a wedding in Mexico. 

The major reasons for having an Indian or Pakistani wedding in Mexico are usually to do something on the beach, 

  • enjoy sundowner terrace vibes, 

  • and give your guest’s a nice time to enjoy themselves on top of your wedding.   

The costs are lower than an Indian destination wedding in the Bahamas or Europe but not much cheaper than Miami or Orange County any coastal city in the US, given all the extra logistical expenses.  But the entire destination wedding vibe really works in Mexico, the weather is usually great and the fact that Mexican food and customs are very Indian friendly definitely helps!


If you’re paying for all the guest’s rooms, then you’re basically giving your gang a free vacation and you do whatever you like.  Probably the only thing you still have to nail is making sure you get good Indian catering figured out.  

indian wedding quintana roo
True Story! I still remember that SWEAT!

If you’re not paying for their rooms (this is more common), then you also need to make sure your Indian food, vendors and hotel selections are all top notch so people appreciate that you appreciate them flying in and taking the time. 

Lastly, this might be obvious to some but remember most Mexican cities in the Cancun area don’t face the sunset, they face the sunrise.  So for Quintana Roo (Cancun) weddings, you’re not going to get a sunset mandap shot unless you’re on some elevated terrace position, on a yacht or Cozumel. 

However the ocean is gorgeous in cancun but do note, it can get VERY hot during a beach wedding all your hair/makeup/resulting photos comfort can easily go for a toss. 

Best Time To Visit

December through April are peak season and best weather, but you can find good deals if the weather plays nice in October/November, though you risk rain and extreme heat!