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Indian Wedding in Hawaii? Just Don't Do This

Updated: Jun 7, 2021

2021-2022 Notice: We have a high volume of Hawaii enquiries due to outdoor venue popularity.

If you need DJ, Sound, Lighting or Planning (through our partner agency) please reach out at least 4-6 months in advance.

Ajay Manaktala is a Indian wedding planner, DJ and Bollywood Industry expert with over 20 years of experience doing destination weddings in Hawaii, Mexico,the Caribbeans, Phuket and beyond.

He planned his own destination wedding and travels to Hawaii at least twice a year for Indian weddings while his team does every other month. He's also a most viewed Quora writer for Indian weddings. These hacks will help you have the best wedding in Hawaii and get the most bang for your buck. They'll save you stress, if not outright cash.

Indian Wedding in Hawaii Tips
Ouch my feet are hot!

Thinking about how to plan a destination Indian wedding in Hawaii?

Avoid these mistakes and you'll be good.

Destination weddings are awesome.

The views, the travel and the togetherness...who doesn't love it?

And Hawaii is no stranger to weddings with one happening at least every day. But first...

Hawaii Wedding Packages | Don't be Fooled

Couples are constantly getting tricked into seemingly simple Hawaii wedding packages. But those costs are for barely anything, and that will leave you feeling stuff was missing.

Do you really expect to finish a photo shoot in 30 minutes? The average pre-wedding sunset shots take 30 minutes just for the couple to get less camera shy. Oh times up? $500 more for the photography? well we're already dressed, umm, ok.

If you're having a small less than 50 person wedding, for probably makes sense. Its simple..but for most of us..

Gujarati wedding planning in hawaii
We know Gujarati and Punjabi weddings are anything but simple right?

We've done several weddings across Hawaii, and seen our fair share of ups and downs.

Somebody forgot the small Ganesha statue for the Mandap? Ok where can we find that on the Big Island at 7PM on a Sunday.

Here's seven things you need to do before planning (or even attending) an Indian wedding on the Islands.


1. Which Island is best in Hawaii for your Indian wedding?

Honolulu Oahu Destination Weddings

This is wedding destination number one and who could argue with that. Big city,It's easily accessible and has all the major things you need for an Indian wedding.

Often times couples want a "secluded beach" or off the beaten path venue but they soon realize the shortcomings of that approach.

You lose the super secluded feel, but you get a bit more sanity and less risk than being in Kauai or Hilo and realizing you need a last minute Hindu or Sikh wedding priest because the other one got sick or the date wrong.

Maui Indian Weddings

While we've done Indian weddings both on the Big Island, Kauai and more often Maui, make sure you study each island closely to think about things for your special occasions like:

  • Will my guests have to take extra airport stops, or can they fly directly to Maui or Hilo or Oahu or wherever I decide to get married?

  • Have Indian weddings been done at these venues before?

  • Aside from the hotel and airport what other things will my guests care about? (Nightlife, beaches, restaurants, scuba diving, temples). For example there is a beautiful Hindu monastery on Kauai that many Indians frequent. Maui is fun but a bit more quiet than Honolulu.

  • Also with Maui, factor in the hotels are EXTREMELY expensive and most guests will one to day a day or two before your wedding to do the Hana Highway drive.

Kauai or Big Island Indian Weddings

Probably your most expensive options will be Kauai, and the least Indian options will be both Kauai and the Big island as they're very few Indians in Hawaii and even less on these islands. That means finding a priest, samosa's, last minute Lehenga's or Pagdi's and a million other things you might need will be a challenge.

It doesn't mean it would happen, but just things to think about.

2. What side of the island does the sunset? Is the hotel on the east coast or west coast?

You might have found the best deal on a hotel, only to realize later there is a reason it's called Sunrise Resorts and not Sunset Resorts.

Make sure your hotel is on the west coast to capture that perfect photo in the evening!

Kauai Hindu temple
the Kauai temple really is gorgeous.

3. Indian Outfits and food aren't super easy to come by. Pack Extra.

Oahu has some good restaurant options (if they're available for catering), and Maui has even fewer.

Make sure you have backups.

For clothing, what do you do if your mom's sari was lost in luggage?

Or your Sherwani got wine spilled on it? Do you or your friends have another?

Again these are NOT minor things things to think about!

As we discussed in our 10 Indian Wedding mistakes to avoid, outfits matter in the heat!

4. DJ and Entertainment Options are Limited

On a similar note since Indian weddings generally require Indian music you'll likely have to fly in your entertainment.

You should also have backups for these as well.

Make sure your DJ or Band or whatever entertainment has done weddings in Hawaii before, has the right visas (if international artists from India or elsewhere), make their flights (due to limited options to each island) and so on.

Best thing to do is to fly them all in a day early so you have everything covered! But that costs extra also. I hope you factored that in? You can't expect a DJ or vendor to fly 11 hours overnight and then be ready to go an hour later.

I've seen it happen on vendors from India to America and it's a disaster.

Spending another few hundred dollars to ensure all your entertainment arrived on time, is much cheaper than last minute flights and stress!

PRO TIP: You'll likely need to go to Hawaii twice to scout your wedding. I know you're busy, but just once is very risky.

5. Photographers should be booked locally

While you can definitely get your actual Indian wedding photographer from wherever you please, for things like pre-wedding shoots and post-wedding shoots you should go local.

You want somebody who knows the area and knows the ups and downs of a Hawaii wedding. Plus it'll be cheaper than having your main photographer come in a day or two earlier or later.

Indian wedding Hawaii mistakes.