• Ajay Manaktala

What Makes A Wedding Fun?

Once a client asked how to make their wedding different than anything they've seen before.

They had an unlimited budget, tons of ideas, a massive guest list...but zero sense of the task at hand.

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I don't blame them, it's just unfortunately how we've been trained to think about parties.

Does More Money mean Better Wedding?

Well, does money buy happiness?

Probably not right.

Just like money isn't everything, neither is a super luxury wedding where the hosts think they can buy the affection and adulation of all the guests. If that were so, every corporate holiday party would be the talk of the town.

But in reality, we know how that goes. Have a few drinks, enjoy the free sushi...and then bounce.

Your Wedding Is About You, But Also Your Guests

They'll never say it, but your friends and family have:

  • gotten older

  • have kids

  • work hard

  • need to plan for travel

  • and just like you...are adults, senior citizens and kids.

A great wedding is one that is new yet familiar, trendy yet traditional. Yes rules are meant to be broken, but you need to learn the rules before you even try to bend them.

Reducing all the speeches to just a few impactful 5-minute ones? Good.

Making zero speeches? Bad.

3 Ways to Have a Fun Wedding

1. Music for All Ages Makes the Memories

I see it time and time again.

"Hey we don't want that auntie-uncle-grandpa music. Just some dope techno and mashup remixes."

I'm more than happy to oblige, and our DJs play it all and span all ages.

But do you really not want your mom and dad's best friends and relatives to also dance, while 20 of you from college just space out to some Daft Punk? (I like Daft Punk btw)

When people dance, they smile and they laugh. That also means your photographer gets great photos, which keeps your wedding fresh on social media and in the hearts and minds of your friends and family for years to come.