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Best Photographers for Indian Weddings in California 

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Looking for a wedding photographer for your big fat Indian wedding? Here are a few quick things to look for that may help you select the right one. 

In the past, South Asians in America would simply look for general wedding photographers and hope for the best.


Today however photography in cultural events has come a long way, often redefining bridal elegance due to the diversity and colors we see at shaadi functions.  


In fact, it's hard not to capture some insane portraits given the styles of bridal fashion, the party nature of some events and the general vibrancy of a big fat wedding weekend.


As a result, photographers in major cities have started to specialize and often find themselves very busy with work from the Indian or Pakistani community. Lucky for all of us, because they put out some amazing work. 

You can see a lot of our tagged Instagram photos with these vendors so feel free to browse there also and see their work. 

How to Choose an Indian wedding photographer in America?

  • You want somebody who knows the customs, so they can capture they key moments like the entrances and walks around the sacred fire. 

  • Also someone who can balance the chaos of Indian weddings, so that they don't ruin the experience for guests (e.g. by standing directly in front of the altar or mandap for more than a few minutes). 

  • Laslty, someone who is passionate about their work on social media!

How Much do South Asian wedding photographers in California cost? 

A South Asian wedding photgrapher for a 300 person wedding costs between $4000 to $6500 depending on your requirements. 

For example, some couples hire a photographer at $2,000 a day and that person is only taking pictures of close friends and family, and then six months later when they get the pictures they're like "wait, where is everybody else?"

A normal big fat Indian wedding photography team should have at minimum about 2-3 photographers, with many these days having a crew of 5-6. 

If you're flying them to Hawaii or Mexico add extra costs for travel/meals/hotel also.  (And please keep them in your wedding hotel or super close by).

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