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Best Video for Indian Weddings in California 2020

Best Indian Wedding Cinema.png

Unsure on who to select as your south asian wedding videographer? 


We understand, video's can be confusing to choose since it's not just fancy shots with music but also story, lighting, drama, tension, humor and more. 

Video used to not be such a big deal, but these days it's becoming more and more common, both for same day edits but also for the family' private moments. 

Luckily, thanks to technology, social media and various preferences for music and artistic styles, Indian wedding photography has come a long way, leveraging the full use of our range of colors and fashions.  

From spices and food to embroidery and flowers, to of course the look on your mom or dad's eyes as you sit at the mandap, there is something for everyone to really highlight your big fat wedding weekend! 

Please keep in mind these may not be the most expensive, nor the lowest cost.


These are simply people we know and trust in the space, as you can see from our tagged instagram photos we all work together multiple times and we enjoy their work!

What you Need to Look for in a Cinematographer

1. When browsing their Vimeo or YouTube, does each piece of content feel different unique? 

2. Do they ask questions to get to know your family, your story, how you met, etc...

3. Do they have interesting storylines in their work aside from just drone shot of beach and the party? 

4. Do they take pride on updating their Instagram and/or website?

5. Expert at Indian customs? 

6. Will they use copyright free music so your video doesn't get taken down from YouTube or Facebook? (this is important)

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