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Partner Of the Month | Avec Lumiere Cinematography

Navigating Indian wedding vendors in America can be daunting, because you're spoiled for choice. Every month we highlight friends and partners we work with to give you some unbiased recommendations.

In today's post we interview Indian wedding Cinematogrpher Avec Lumiere who is based in Los Angeles.

1. How long should someone book Avec in advance?

Ever couple and wedding work at different pace. I get bookings from over a year to a few months before the event. I think it is best to book at least 8-12 months in advance and even more for some of the holiday, as seasons get very busy these days.

2. What are five questions you always ask a new couple?

  • What is the mood you would like for your video?

  • What songs do you like?

  • Is there a preferred side of your face or things you would not want us to capture?

  • Are you doing a choreographed dance for your first dance?

  • Any special shots you would like us to get?

indian wedding photographer cinematographer los angeles
We are fans of Avec because his packages are easy and transparent.

3. How do you decide which shots to capture?

We don’t have a formula when it comes to shooting. We work with what’s around and what’s available to us so we work organically to bring the video to life.

4. How do you try to stand out between the shots we're so used to seeing now and doing innovative things?

We look around to see what’s available to us and we try to have fun with it. Ultimately, we are passionate about what we do so we get excited as much as the client do. We try to make every shots to look great and it’s rewarding to see the client’s reaction right away. Hence, it drives us to always look for something new to shoot.

5. What's the hardest part about Indian weddings?

It is hard to balance out between shooting a ceremony safely and try to risk and move around to look for something creatively without missing the important aspect during the ceremony. That is just an example of balancing between safely shot and a creative shot in my opinion. 

6. We've seen some couples get their photos a day later, some take six months.  Why is it so broad? How long should Indian or South asian couples wait to get their wedding photo or video? 

90% of the work is done in post. Editing is a lengthy process that takes days to weeks. For us an average delivery would be about 2-3 months depending on how busy the season is.

7. Are same day edits still trendy and in fashion? Yes or No?

Yes I still see people’s reaction with amazements when we do the SDE. It’s such a quick turn around and people get to relive all the previous events again because it went by so quickly.

8. How do you convince someone to be natural on camera who may not be used to the glitz and glam? 

We cannot force someone to act if they are uncomfortable so I just give simple directions such as:

Could you please just do a walk for me? Could you just look over there? These may seems simple but it help the client to do things naturally.

9. What's the average cost of an Indian wedding cinematographer in the United States? 

A wedding package is roughly about $5k.

10. Are drones overdone? do hotels charge? what do you have to worry about at big hotels?

It may be overdone but a video without a drone is just missing something. People are used to see drone in all videos because it’s still an essential part of our package. Hotels don’t normally charge but there’s usually a waiver to sign on our end. Some hotels don’t allow drones at all so we just need to comply with them.

Want to look at Avec for your Big Fat Indian wedding in America or elsewhere? Do check out their work at the link above, and for all your Audio/Visual/DJ requirements please do contact us for your special occasions.

Also any questions/comments are welcome!


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