• Ajay Manaktala

Indian Wedding Hacks | Ultimate Guide

Updated: May 8, 2020

Did Somebody say Indian Wedding Hacks?

What's up shaadi searchers!

It's no secret that Indian weddings are off the chain these days, with Priyanka Chopra and Sabyasachi and the Ambani's showing the world that even Beyonce can play an Indian wedding.

Best indian wedding usa hacks
We need a microphone to tell you this.

Regardless, for most of us in the middle-class, or just folks who don't like insane excess, I need to tell you something:

More money does not equal better Indian wedding.

You should of course spend in your limits and make sure all the extra stuff you're getting has a purpose (I'm a fan of great decoration for sure), but don't spend money on fireworks at 3AM or $2000 on extra plates of sushi nobody would want.

And don't come in on a helicopter for your baraat unless you made sure it's not going to blow away your $20,000 decoration ok?

That being said, having done over 1000 weddings, I want to tell you tricks that make your wedding so special in America or Thailand or India or wherever that your friends and family will be leaving with the biggest smiles on their faces.

It's easy to have a big fancy wedding, but it's a bit harder to have a fun, love filled, genuine wedding that people enjoy and fly home with smiles on their faces and memories in their heart.

Indian wedding Hacks to Save Budget and Increase Fun
That feeling you get when you spent less than most people for your wedding but everybody is saying yours was the most fun.

1. Digital Marriage Invites are Fine. And preferred.

As we talked about in sending WhatsApp invites for weddings, these days nobody wants a big fat envelope they're just going to feel guilty about throwing away anyways. Digital invites are:

  • Cheaper

  • More convenient

  • Easily updatable

  • Ideal

  • Effective

  • Required even if you do print and mail separate invites

Indian culture gets so caught up in physical printed invites, or sending walnuts and sweets that many people don't even eat these days. So rather than accumulate more stuff in your drawer, why not recognize EVERYBODY does digital these days. Heck, if you're worried about offending anyone, go ahead and visit their house and send the whatsApp next to them.

That doesn't mean you still don't have to:

  • make a website,

  • have a proper mailer,

  • and ensure accurate and timely communication,

but you definitely don't need crazy fancy invites despite what aunties and uncles say. (But make sure you call the traditional folks and remind them formally you want them to come).

If you still need to send physical invites or need it for spousal immigration, go ahead and make 20 copies and use as needed.

indian wedding hacks to save money
Your high school and college friends are happy for you. Make them happy by spending more than a selfie with them.

2. Talk to every guest for more than a selfie.