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Creative Indian Wedding Video Ideas (2023-2024)

Indian wedding videos are AMAZING.

From what used to be the first uncle in New York who had a a VHS camcorder to a full on Hollywood (or Bollywood?) production...they've come a long way. But as with anything popularity can turn sometimes special into commodity. The closeup shots of the ring, the groom tying his tie, the hotel drone shot...all amazing and all done by everybody these days.


In this post I'm going to explain five great Indian wedding videos in 2019 and why they're fresh, original, creative and overall...great.

My own wedding had all of the cliche tricks above and I'm sure my wife will give me a dirty look when reading this. Either your wedding video the way you want to do it.

Some opt for the interviews and emotional speeches, others go for a quick 5 minute party highlight reel. The main thing that makes a good wedding film (or any film) is....DRUMROLL PLEASE.



In an increasingly crowded digital world, here's five innovative Indian wedding videos we really enjoy.

1. The Wedding Filmer - Kareebi Teri - Bangalore, India

How often do you get a couple who sings AND plays the piano, and that too at their own wedding? Combine that with a beautiful treatment of close up shots and less bling (even though this wedding had all of that ) and this is one of our favorites. It's like watching a short film that leaves each viewer with their own interpretation. Just loved it!

2. House on the Clouds - Ananta Udaipur, India.

Pre wedding videos are now a thing, and this one is a pre-entrance video for the bride and groom. That being said, I love this video because I don't even know the bride and groom but it's so exciting and well done. The slow zooms (most people abuse slow motion for no reason), the clever transitions, the awesome western song choice (event hough it's an Indian wedding)'s such a great hype moment for all involved. Kudos!

3. RecallPictures: Shaadi Puri Filmy Hai, California.

Everybody acts like they're too cool for Bollywood, yet lets be honest...we all have a soft spot for it. And every wedding film tries to be something else either too flashy or too heavily relying on music and dance shots. This one remembers the most obvious thing..that we need to see a story.

4. Pacific Pictures - Pelican Hill Same Day Edit

Same day edits are tricky, because well, the name says it all. A good SDE (as we call it in the biz) doesn't try to do too much in the time it has. A better SDE plans it out properly to know the shots it wants before the events start. And a great SDE makes all the guests excited to see themselves on camera after a day of fun. I'm a little biased because I did the music for the bride's entrance at this wedding, but you get the entire tone of this evening within 20 seconds of watching this video. Well done on a quick edit that can get the tissues out early!

5. Avec Lumiere Productions - Joint Wedding!

It's tricky to do a joint wedding. My own brother is having one and I'm curious how that goes. You have four families to factor, and a good way to handle it is to remove most dialogue all together. Let the visuals set the tone. Remember how the movie UP didn't have any single dialogue yet you could see the emotions for the first 15 minute ? You see where I'm going. I haven't seen many double weddings but this double Indian wedding with the Gujarati garba twist is loads of fun.

Any other crazy wedding videos we should know about? Do you agree with this list, or have suggestions on what you'd like to see with wedding films? Hit me up on Instagram or Facebook or just comment below. And as always, if reading this blog hit us up to take advantage of our one time FREE consultation by sending us up to 5 questions you have on planning the Indian Wedding.


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