• Ajay Manaktala

Is My Wedding Planner Bad?

Updated: Aug 9, 2019

My cousin just got married and being so close to him I was also there for all the pre-wedding stress. It was a bit ironic considering he hired a wedding planner. So many people use planners to handle their wedding, but as with everything, simple law of averages means there's bound to be a few bad ones. So I decided to research what makes a bad wedding planner.

So How do you know if you have a bad wedding planner?

  • If they're not calling you back within an hour,

  • Disappear for a few days,

  • Say they're "at an event,"

  • Not proactive about hitting milestones like decorator, hotel contract, etc..well...these are all bad signs.

Welcome to the club. We've all been there. Now let's understand how to know if it's just a bad week for them or you made the wrong choice, and in the worst case...if you should switch them out. (Very few do by the way).

Are they just busy and I'm bridezilla?

Chances are your planner is used to high stress brides and over analyzing, I mean...that's our whole industry right? So you shouldn't feel like your doing him or her a favor. If you sent a message or an email, I mean...we're all busy right? We also all have phones and faff in the Uber right?

1. They Don't Answer the Phone (or take more than 6 hours to call you back)

In this industry, considering you're working with someone on the biggest day of their life (or one of them), you need to be responsive.

YES we know you do this every week.

YES we know it will be fine at the end of the da, but customer service still counts for something.

There can be a million bridezillas who might call for every little trivial thing (that can also be frustrating), but you should be hearing from your planner/coordinator at least 4-5 times a week in the month leading up to your wedding.

Yes you can ask about all of this.

2. They Say "Sorry I was at an event."

Well, obviously.

I'm glad you're working, but I'm paying you also to work mine. Isn't that work too?

It's fine to have many clients but you shouldn't make your bride or groom feel like they're not your top priority.

A good wedding planner will tell you he or she is busy with this or that event, and still be available to take your calls during lunch breaks and so on.

Or communicate her communication plan.

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Weddings are supposed to be fun.