• Ajay Manaktala

Best Indian Wedding Bridal Party Entrance Songs (2019)

Updated: Dec 27, 2019

The Bridal party is awesome because we are celebrating being from the girl's side of the family and giving away our beloved daughter. As we talked about in our groom's entrance Hindi song guide, entering on the right song can make or break how you and your guests remember your wedding.

The right song when you enter will induce the right emotion, which gives the right photos, the right videos, and the right experience.

In this post I'll list out all the songs with links to the relevant jams!

Best Indian Wedding Bridal Party Entrance Songs

These songs are perfect for parents of the bride to enter on, brother or sister of the bride to make an entrance on and even the cousins.

1. Sooraj Ki Baahon Mein - Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara

We only get once chance to live, so why shouldn't we love it openly?

This is a great bridal party entrance song because it has those Coldplay feel good celebration vibes, isn't too specific for just one guy and girl and the movie itself was a coming of age tail set in Spain. In other words, it's a perfect tune for friends to enter in on!

2. Taarefan Reprise - Lisa Mishra

You're savage, you're raw, I think everything in your body is sexayyyyy

Alright while these lyrics may not be exactly the most sanskari but they are in fact appreciated as entrance songs because Indian weddings do have a lot of masala involved.

And the only way to let that slide is by being naughty in Hindi, because for some reason people don't tighten up to these tunes (in fact they cheer and applaud) but if you heard 50-Cent dropping F bombs you'd see the aunties be like whaaaat?!?

Either way a fan masala track to enter in on featuring Badshah from 2018.

3. It’s Life - Niraj Chag

Not many people know about this instrumental track with light vocals but consider yourself special because it is quite a nice one. Give it a listen and you'll find a place to play it during your lovely Bollywood wedding!

4. Dil Diyan Gallan - Tiger Zinda Hai Flute Version

This instrumental from Tiger Zinda Hai by Vishal and Shekhar is beautiful and has no lyrics. Another great track to set the right mood while playing to a familiar melody.

5. What Makes You Beautiful - Boyce Avenue

Boyce Avenue probably makes a killing doing high end weddings around the world and this video should be obvious why. The title says it all.

A very popular entrance song at Indian and Gujarati and Punjabi weddings.

6. High Heels Te Nachche - Ki & Ka

When you dance in high heels, you look very appealing...

I honestly have no clue why this song's lyrics are great for entrances, but I hear it requested all the time so to be honest, listen and enjoy yourself. It's a good upbeat romantic (sort of) song about courting the lady by Yo Yo Honey Singh but I'm guessing it's just a good party starter about "damn girl you lookin fly!"