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Do I Really Need to Travel to India for Indian Wedding Clothes?!?

Updated: Jul 30, 2019

It sounds so silly doesn't it?

Updated August 2019

In a global economy, and 1.8 Billion Indians across the you REALLY need to go back to India to do your Indian wedding shopping?

No If... be important are clothes to you on your big day?

If you're doing a simple/minimal/bohemian sort of way.

If you're a guest and not the groom or close way.

Yes if...

But if you want to be the hippest Bollywood star in your new post-keto/pre-wedding physique...go for it.

If your wife is already going, you may as well go also and get your swag on.

But if you're the probably should, to get the best looking stuff.

In August 2019 as I write are some styles I like:

Indian Wedding Fashion Primer

Indian fashion is so in these days. Our stuff looks good, it can be tailored well and well, it's not that expensive.

If only we could wear it more often, sigh!

If you're a wedding guest for an Indian wedding, here is the stuff you should be looking to wear for the Mehendi or Sangeet and also the wedding ceremony! (TIP: You'll need to wear two different outfits).

And this one:

Want to know the irony about both these images?

They're taken from India.

Yes those are white models but definitely an Indian studio and an Indian retail brand.

If you value higher quality fabrics, the latest cuts/styles, magical tailors who cut to your exact contours...and have the time to make a Go-to-India-pre-wedding-shopping-trip...please do.

You'll get the best fabrics and the best fits, but you'll need time.

If you don't...yes of course, you will find plenty of shops in America or the UK that offer amazing Indian bridal wear. We're happy to recommend many in California or beyond.

But you will pay more in the west for less.

A couple of myths about the whole process.

My brother lives in India, I live in California and I've attended a lot of functions since 2010 in both countries and honestly:

Indian Fashion has come a LONG WAY.

1. Indian designers and boutiques are IN. I mean Kim Kardashian wore a Sabyasachi Lenga. The styles and quality is insane. You will get raw silk, cashmere, wool, linen, cotton, jute whatever, at a fraction of the price FOR THE FABRIC.

2. With the advent of Instagram and social media, designers have come to realize their stuff is at a premium. Shopping in India for a really nice bridal outfit IS NOT CHEAP. But you will get more value for what you spend. (e.g. A $800 tuxedo custom made in Bangalore from an amazing tailor will be much higher quality than a $2000 Hugo Boss tuxedo). It will probably have the exact same style also. But if you expect something amazing at $200, it will look similar to what you get for $500 in America. And if you also don't want to spend, people will try to sell you something less for a higher profit in India too.

You need to be the best dressed at your own wedding.

We get it bro.

You're a high flying banker at Goldman Sachs.

You don't have time for this.

You just want to buy something at a thousand bucks and be done with it.

You like simple black, simple white, silver sleek, or whatever. But guess what. You're going to regret it on your wedding day.

Even though we operate as a sound and lighting and wedding planning company, we always urge our brides and grooms to be a cut above the rest. It's your special day...don't downplay it.

You don't JUST buy a $1200 custom made tuxedo.

You also buy:

  • the video that shows you getting ready,

  • the grand entrance in the ballroom,

  • the smile on her face when she sees you on the wedding day dressed so dapper

Bonus Tips:

1. There is so much versatility and mix and matching with Indian clothes these days. Aside from your actual wedding Sherwani, you can honestly mix and match your Sangeet/Mehdni and any other random outfits to get the most out of your wear.

2. A lot of shops in India do worldwide delivery, but without sampling the fabric or having a relationship with the store I wouldn't advice you buy blindly. Do some research, take your fiancé or your parents who know the stuff and do it properly.

3. To save you time, you can send measurements to shops ahead of time on Instagram DM and they'll have plenty of things ready for you once you get there.


In a nutshell...if you have the money and don't have the time and aren't into looking like a runway model with the perfect fit down to the stuff in your hometown. If you do have the time and don't mind a pre wedding ten day India trip...grab your partner and make a memory out of it.

Either way we're sure you're gonna look dashing.

Have fun!

Have suggestions or comments? Hit us up on Instagram or Facebook or just comment below. And as always, if reading this blog please take advantage of 10 Minute FREE consultation by sending us up to 5 questions you have on planning the Indian Wedding.


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