• Ajay Manaktala

Do I Really Need to Travel to India for Indian Wedding Clothes?!?

Updated: Jul 30, 2019

It sounds so silly doesn't it?

Updated August 2019

In a global economy, and 1.8 Billion Indians across the world...do you REALLY need to go back to India to do your Indian wedding shopping?

No If...

Well...to be honest...how important are clothes to you on your big day?

If you're doing a simple/minimal/bohemian sort of vibe....no way.

If you're a guest and not the groom or close family...no way.

Yes if...

But if you want to be the hippest Bollywood star in your new post-keto/pre-wedding physique...go for it.

If your wife is already going, you may as well go also and get your swag on.

But if you're the groom...you probably should, to get the best looking stuff.

In August 2019 as I write this...here are some styles I like:

Indian Wedding Fashion Primer

Indian fashion is so in these days. Our stuff looks good, it can be tailored well and well, it's not that expensive.

If only we could wear it more often, sigh!

If you're a wedding guest for an Indian wedding, here is the stuff you should be looking to wear for the Mehendi or Sangeet and also the wedding ceremony! (TIP: You'll need to wear two different outfits).

And this one:

Want to know the irony about both these images?

They're taken from India.

Yes those are white models but definitely an Indian studio and an Indian retail brand.

If you value higher quality fabrics, the latest cuts/styles, magical tailors who cut to your exact contours...and have the time to make a Go-to-India-pre-wedding-shopping-trip...please do.

You'll get the best fabrics and the best fits, but you'll need time.

If you don't...yes of course, you will find plenty of shops in America or the UK that offer amazing Indian bridal wear. We're happy to recommend many in California or beyond.

But you will pay more in the west for less.