• Ajay Manaktala

Indian Wedding Decoration Cost and Tips | USA (2019)

Updated: Nov 12, 2019

In this post Ajay Manaktala will:

  • Explain Indian Wedding Decor Components

  • Tell you typical costs across Sanget, Reception and Wedding for USA and Canada Gujarati or Punjabi or Mixed South Asian weddings

  • Throughout the post he has given you hacks that actually work to reduce costs (Like don't take a ballroom that has a high ceiling)

Wedding Decor can Be Complicated and Confusing

The other day I was looking at a super complicated spreadsheet of wedding decor costs and after a while, my eyes got lazy and I was like, ok, $500 here, $2000 here, ok $76 here....wait...

Did I just say "Ok an XBOX here, a macbook here, a fancy dinner here."


Indian wedding decor is sone of those things that you get so caught up in the big ticket items, a million little things sneak in and we all of a sudden don't realize how much extra we're spending.

  • Drive across town for $100 bill? Sure, I'm game.

  • Drive across town to buy my Mercedes from this dealer versus another dealer because it's $100 cheaper? Ah screw it, I'm already sitting in this comfy car.

  • It's the same $100!

In this post I'm going to explain the major parts of Indian wedding decoration.



  • Center pieces

  • Stage and Dance Floor

Understanding Indian wedding decor can be quite intimidating.

There's a million offerings to see on Etsy, Pinterest wedding decor and decorations are a wormhole.

Images on Instagram all seem to look the same after a while.

indian wedding decoration cost breakdown
Notice how decoration gets it's own circle? Yup.

In this post I'm going to outline a 3-step checklist or guidelines for you to figure out, plan and chose your Indian wedding decorations.

But first, you need to realize something.

Just like with food at a buffet, there is a paradox of choice.

I mean that really is gorgeous anyway you look at it.

After a few hours you might be in bored mood, but we need to lock in on a mood board!!

Ok sorry, bad jokes ahead.

If you're like most brides I meet...you're:

  • busy

  • You want something elegant yet creative and unique,

  • You want to lock it down and continue the planning process.

  • You tell your decorator (if you found one): "Hey, I love your work and everything you've done! But now do something for me you've never done before."