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Indian Wedding Photography | 2020 | How to Pick

Updated: Jan 16, 2020

In this post I'll explain how to pick the perfect photographer for your big day, and now to clear through the noise when choosing one so you get the shots and memories you care about.

Indian Wedding Photography is amazing, exciting...and unfortunately...sometimes....boring.

Well all wedding photography can be, just like all DJ's can too.

The ring close up.

The silhouette shot against the sunset (I still love that).

We get it.

All shots you need, and all shots we've seen.

Indian Wedding Photography
Ok maybe that is a really gorgeous photo, but we don't need more than 3 of these shots.

All photographers know focus, bounce flashes, framing...and if you're might find good photographers who do this professionally that know more about Indian customs than you do. They'll be like "Umm bro, the phera's (vows) are starting, we need you against the fire so the light bounces off your eyes"

Nice one Brad!

Nobody wants your photographer to go all Banksy on your big day with an untested creative risk, but you should find someone who showcases their work and is proud of the creativity in your job.

Find a Photographer Who Knows the Basics But Also Is Creative with Indian Weddings

For example:

- instead of the beach, maybe they also like to try a lake or mountains like Yosemite.

- for the video, instead of speeches of both parents and then the music/swag shots...maybe they start with the wedding vows/swag...then go backwards into the story of your parents crying when you were born.

- To give them references, you can find magazine or portrait shots you like, and see their reaction (e.g. most photographers worth the money should easily be able to recreate these styles).

They should even think of fresh angles like your parents helping you tie your tie, your barber coming to shave you at the hotel or even your wedding DJ photos from behind the console making your Sangeet looking like Coachella. (if you want).

Indian Wedding Photography
Thanks again Brad!

But regardless of all the's 3 QUICK ways to pick the perfect Indian wedding photographer for you. If they do these, you're in good hands.


If you see other #indianWedding tags on Instagram and simply also filter for images you like, reach out to the photographers who catch your eye.

In fact, people use those tags because they HOPE you reach out to them.

We do the same.

Most photographers are also super good at reverse engineering an image, so if you like 7/10 images from one but LOVE 3/10 images from another, chances are both can reproduce the other's styles.

Which leads me to:


Some abuse the hell out of drones, other prefer to keep it waist up/head/eyes and minimal scenery.

Trust us...the backdrop is just that...a backdrop, you're the star of the show.

So if you're able to look at an Indian wedding photography of a complete stranger you never met and get excited/emotional by their image or video, your photographer is doing an amazing job of telling a story without words...which leads me to:

TIP: If the video of your photographer or camera person has a song you really like, and you want to know the name of...that's a great sign they spend a lot of time thinking about their creative output.


Your photographer or video person (please get separate crews, they're always stretched too thin when they do both) should be thinking about your location, your venue, your city, your background, your family, your relationship and much more.

They need to know how to sleuth around capturing amazing candid shots that don't make people awkward when a big DSLR is staring at them and also be there for those priceless moments.

If you see in their other work (ahem, Instagram) how they were able to shoot through tree leaves and get the Father crying, or underneath the table (not in a pervy way) to capture two people holding hands, or something else priceless and know they're onto something!

You ever watched a Hollywood video of just 4K drone footage and beach sunsets?

Of course not...we need a good story!

Nobody cares how good your camera is or that you use the latest gear...we want to tear up and laugh and above all, BE INTERESTED!


In summary...remember ISS. Instagram, Style and Story. Don't overcomplicate it, they all do great work and their work is meant to be shown, so you will be happy. Just ensure you do your research, which is what I hope this article did for you...or at least made you realize you're on the right track.


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