• Ajay Manaktala

Indian Wedding Photography | 2020 | How to Pick

Updated: Jan 17, 2020

In this post I'll explain how to pick the perfect photographer for your big day, and now to clear through the noise when choosing one so you get the shots and memories you care about.

Indian Wedding Photography is amazing, exciting...and unfortunately...sometimes....boring.

Well all wedding photography can be, just like all DJ's can too.

The ring close up.

The silhouette shot against the sunset (I still love that).

We get it.

All shots you need, and all shots we've seen.

Indian Wedding Photography
Ok maybe that is a really gorgeous photo, but we don't need more than 3 of these shots.

All photographers know focus, bounce flashes, framing...and if you're lucky...you might find good photographers who do this professionally that know more about Indian customs than you do. They'll be like "Umm bro, the phera's (vows) are starting, we need you against the fire so the light bounces off your eyes"

Nice one Brad!

Nobody wants your photographer to go all Banksy on your big day with an untested creative risk, but you should find someone who showcases their work and is proud of the creativity in your job.

Find a Photographer Who Knows the Basics But Also Is Creative with Indian Weddings

For example:

- instead of the beach, maybe they also like to try a lake or mountains like Yosemite.

- for the video, instead of speeches of both parents and then the music/swag shots...maybe they start with the wedding vows/swag...then go backwards into the story of your parents crying when you were born.

- To give them references, you can find magazine or portrait shots you like, and see their reaction (e.g. most photographers worth the money should easily be able to recreate these styles).

They should even think of fresh angles like your parents helping you tie your tie, your barber coming to shave you at the hotel or even your wedding DJ photos from behind the console making your Sangeet looking like Coachella. (if you want).

Indian Wedding Photography
Thanks again Brad!

But regardless of all the options...here's 3 QUICK ways to pick the perfect Indian wedding photographer for you. If they do these, you're in good hands.


If you see other #indianWedding tags on Instagram and simply also filter for images you like, reach out to the photographers who catch your eye.