• Ajay Manaktala

Best Indian Wedding Tips 2020

Updated: Jan 22, 2020

Indian weddings are a class apart. There is a million ideas and suggestions online but having DJ'd and helped plan over 1000 Indian weddings, I can tell you one thing...Indians want the familiar with the different. They want trendy but traditional. Here are five Indian wedding tips that save you money and make you understand all the other things you'll here.

So what are the best Indian Wedding Tips?

1. Personalization of little things are way more valuable that fancy expensive gifts that go in the storage.

2. Speaking to each guest on the day of the event will trump fireworks and expensive food that gets wasted any day.

3. Drama is no drama (explanation below).

4. Interview your vendors then let them do your job.

5. Discuss Finances with both families so it's not awkward and point 3 is taken care of.

Why These Top Down Tips Determine Your Wedding Mood and Memory

Often times at Punjabi or Gujarati weddings we kind of just go on autopilot. Hotel? Check. DJ? Check. Food? Check.

But aside from the logistics, what about the things we're actually there to experience and enjoy?

Me and Michael had some drama LOL.

Use this list to also know how to enjoy your Indian wedding as a bride and groom!

Let's go!

1. The Little Things are the Big Things | Personalize your Desi Wedding

  • A hand written note (not the cut/paste generic one with only the name changed) that your hotel drops off in each room, based on guest, with how happy you are to see them.

  • A whatsapp during your makeup just to say "Hey I'm here and I'll be busy but I'm happy you're here."

  • A beer in the van that takes from the airport, with some lotion, mosquito repellant, sunglasses or candy.

These are the gestures your friends and family will remember more than your fireworks display.

For example in Indian weddings in Thailand, you can literally design things like this, customized, for like $2 each.

Will guests remember this every time they take out their passport while traveling, or your choice of Johnnie Walker Red/Black label more?

They will remember you for years to come and it costs you two bucks per guest! Come on! (and no I'm not linking here, I just want you to know this is a steal for a valuable memory!)

Passport covers Indian weddings.
Passport covers with your name that cost a three dollars is better than a free shot at the bar.

2. the ultimate Best Free Indian Wedding Hack: Talk for 3 minutes. TO EVERYONE.

If you're having a 3 day wedding, as we discussed in planning one, make sure throughout the course of events you make it a point to speak to each guest or couple for at least 3 minutes.

I know it sounds like nothing, but as opposed to a selfie/hi/bye moment, your guests will appreciate the gesture given how busy you are and remember that more than any fireworks/music/drinks could ever do.

People love to feel welcome and often times we get so busy at our own weddings we forget to just breathe, say hi and trust the process.

Your guests will femember and cherish this moment more than any material item you produce!!!