• Ajay Manaktala

Wedding Gifts Couples Actually Want

Updated: Oct 23, 2019

Looking for ideas on wedding gifts that are useful and appreciated?

Why Wedding Gifts are Going Down

Traditional wedding gifts are declining, but not in the way that you think.

Couples still appreciate the gesture, the thought, the time and money you will spend to gift them something...it's just that as a society, we're all pretty much provided everything we need thanks to Amazon Prime and technology.

I know, it sounds so snooty and weird to say that people don't want gifts, I get it.

It's not that nobody wants another toaster or microwave, it's just that even if a couple needs it for their new house in a new city, they'd rather buy it and get free shipping than try to figure out a way to carry it from California to Texas or whatever their situation is.

Or yes actually, they just don't need it.

wedding gifts people want
Hmm is this going to mean another checked bag on Delta for $45?

After my own wedding, since we already had toasters and pots and pants, we kept a lot of our gifts in the garage for almost a year until we moved to a larger house and decided to toss the old stuff out or donate it.

But of course, couples are way too polite to say "No thanks."

Also thanks to folks like Marie Kondo and the minimalist lifestyle being good for your health, folks are generally trying to declutter their life and not have too many gadgets and products sitting around the house collecting dust.

Destination Wedding Gifts are Trickier

Destination weddings are even more difficult to handle, because you carried something in your suitcase for them, and now they'll have to pay $40 in extra luggage to accommodate taking it back.

You might feel you went out of your way to gift the bride and groom some custom shot glasses, or an iPad case, or a really cool espresso machine...but now it's a temporary inconvenience for them logistically.

That being said, since MATERIAL gifts are declining as in our Indian wedding trends in 2019 (blog) that doesn't mean other gifts aren't valued and often part of the wedding gesture process.

They're still a bunch of things you can spend your time and/or money on to gift your close friends/family on their wedding day, and my goal with this post is to explain each item and also why it would be a good idea.

wedding gift ideas people want everything
On the flipside, customized passport covers are a great $4 a piece gift for your guests who flew out to your wedding.

A Nice Way to Ask Guests for Cash Gifts

One of our most viewed answers on Quora was about just this. Often times couples don't want to tell guests "Hey just give us cash" because that's tacky and tasteless. A nice hack that I often see is to write:

"No Gifts, Only Blessings Please."

The risk here is people might actually take it literally and say "congrats" and carry on, but many will attend your wedding, see a box for "Cards" and quickly get it.

And like most people..yes, we're not expecting gifts at all. But if you're going to anyways, well, we may as well guide our guests on how to make their efforts.

On that note, y'all ready?

Let's go!