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the Best Los Angeles

Wedding DJs and MC.

the Perfect DJ for:

  • Indian Weddings (all kinds)

  • Afghan Weddings

  • Persian Weddings

  • Mixed Weddings

  • Western/Hip Hop Wedding

  • a Killer Emcee

The best parter starter in California.  We call him superman because that's who he is. 

Ali has over 12 years of experience as a professional DJ and MC.  He is one of the crowd favorites at Indian and Punjabi weddings in California.  Where other DJs shy from the mic, Ali loves to rock the party.  He's also a very sharp dresser.

The energy and passion that he brings to any occasion, is unparalleled. He understands that all that matters at any event is the way people feel. This, combined with the amount of preparation, focus, and determination Ali brings to the table, will not leave you and all your family and friends disappointed.

Ali can be contracted to DJ and MC and is one of our baraat all-stars. (that's him in the videos)

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