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Indian Wedding Videos That Would Make a Stranger Cry (2019)

Updated: Aug 20, 2019

Whatever type of Indian wedding or South Asian wedding you're having, one thing is for sure...the colors, the emotions, the glamour all come to life if you have a great wedding video which makes for awesome memories! But these days it's harder to stand out as we have seen so many wedding videos which "feel the same." That being said, here is a few that we like as of June 2019.

1. Swati & Vikas: Daaemi Films: Hyderabad

I love this treatment with the extra long camera holds and the play on the faces/emotions. It's fresh and innovative because you can tell the editor went the extra mile to hold at the right places to really let their story breathe. It's not just fireworks and close up of the ring. It is all that, but it ties it together really well.

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2. YaKanch: | House on the Clouds | India

The shorter version of this was featured here earlier, and I love the jazzy/European sort of hipster style treatment mixed with the Indian emotion game. Well done. Facial shots are always the main emotion bringer, and a right balance with a certain style can really be a winner.

3. Shelly and Paurush: One Story Weddings: California

Most editors leave it at nice cutaways, voice over and music. The extra touch of close-ups like the watch and sound mixing on the ticking really brings your video the extra mile. As we've said in our memorable wedding tips, it's the little things that always count and you can see that in this Indian Wedding at the Ritz Carlton Laguna.

4. Robles Video: Shivani and Nicholas | California

I love the comments in this video just as much as I love the video. After Priyanka Chopra and Nick brought Indian weddings once again to the limelight in 2018, it got me thinking about the special part in a mixed community wedding. One of the most exciting parts of Indian weddings is getting to share the customs and explain/enjoy our Indian heritage. You can see that here. Well done Robles video on this Indian wedding production.

5. The Wedding Story : Krunal Pandya & Pankhuri Sharma | GOA India

It's always fun to see intimate wedding videos of recognizable personalities from the media. This video does a good job of keeping it intimate and bringing you into the empathy for those two. While we might not rich and famous I do hope these two have a great life and I really found myself excited for their future! A good testament to the wedding film making craft!

Any other emotional but original wedding videos we should know about?

Do you agree with this list, or have suggestions on what you'd like to see start happening with wedding films?

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