• Bhavin Shah

Best Indian Wedding Songs for 2020

Updated: May 16, 2020

Want to know the best Bollywood, Hindi and Punjabi songs to play during your Big Fat Indian Wedding weekend in 2019 or later? You've come to the right place.

I'm going to explain:

  • the best tunes and music for your American Shaadi,

  • why they are perfect for your wedding

  • also keep in mind you're probably in America or Canada or somewhere that's not India.

  • Music not to play at your wedding

Your guests are probably mostly Indian, but you want to play the right Bollywood tracks and ensure EVERYBODY has a good time on that dance floor and also how they remember your wedding.

Your parents have also gotten used to being in America, but nostalgia is still a massive part of the Indian experience right?

My goal is to give you a list but also explain shaadi songs that are perfect for each event like the Sangeet or the Mehendi and specifically why these songs are good for them.

This post is different also because on a few of these tracks, I'll explain WHY I've selected these songs for Indians who grew up outside of India.

Not everyones' marriage needs these songs, but for some families they're just PERFECT.

Best Bollywood Songs in 2019 for America India weddings.
Now that's a DJ doing their job right.

Post Structure

Since this is a fairly long guide, scroll down to any of the sections below:

  1. Why Music Can Make Your Wedding

  2. Importance of the Right Wedding Songs

  3. Importance of Bollywood Dance Music

  4. Best Mehndi Songs

  5. Best Sangeet Songs

  6. Best Bridal Entrance Songs

  7. Best Bridal Entrance Songs (Slow)

  8. Best Bridal Entrance Songs Gujarati

  9. Best Indian Wedding Reception Entrance Songs

  10. Best Indian Songs for Any Indian Wedding Function

  11. Music you Want to Avoid

Why Music Can Make or Break Your Indian Wedding

All over America, Indian Bride and grooms celebrate their shaadi. And the entire wedding planning process culminates on the dance floor.

Music is super important for how you and your guests remember your wedding.

If your DJ isn't playing the best Hindi or Punjabi dance songs to pack your dance floor, especially when people should be dancing...well, why not!

Great music from a great Indian or Desi DJ can:

  • Make your photos look even better

  • Bring emotions amongst friends and family

  • Make your videos look amazing

  • End your entire wedding on a high.