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How Much Is an Indian Wedding in Hawaii?

Updated: Jun 6, 2021

Every day South Asian brides and grooms decide where to have their Big Fat Indian Wedding. And wouldn't you know it, Hawaii is always on that list. So I thought I would answer the obvious question you're all wondering about what it costs to have a wedding there, having DJ'd or planned over 20 on the islands.

How much does an Indian wedding cost in Hawaii? If you have a 100 people at your wedding, you can expect to pay around $120,000. I've seen weddings on the islands also go up to a million dollars, so the above is the BARE MINIMUM.

They're so many factors that play into your overall cost, including the types of vendors you pick, what you prioritize, and the usual getting carried away during wedding prep.

Let's check out some more details to figure out how much your shaadi might cost.

indian wedding cost in hawaii
boat baraat anyone?

Indian Wedding Hawaii Cost Breakdown

The average Gujarati or Punjabi big fat wedding in place like California is around $200 to $250 per head, per event. And this assumes everybody is driving to the event and driving home, not staying at the property.

For hawaii, the breakdown at a resort or golf club might look like:

Hotel/Food/Alcohol/Venue: $60,000 ($150 HIGHLY OPTIMISTIC per plate cost times four events)

Decoration across mendhi, sangeet, wedding and reception: $25,000

Outfits, flight tickets, entertainment: $20,000

Planner fee: $10,000

So if a 300 person wedding in America, without travel and hotel rooms costs $200,000...then my wedding would cost...?

Indin wedding cost maui
This chart uses an average cost of $85-$90 per guest, per event which is not realistic for Hawaii. Even then you can get a sense of your estimates.

As you can, a very OPTIMISTIC estimate would be around $105,000. You're still not factoring in photographers, paying for relatives hotel rooms, and the fact that your guests will likely pay $400 a night for a hotel room in a place like Maui or Kauai. I would assume you need to budget close to $200,00 to $250,000 for a big fat Hawaii wedding, and here's why.

Factors that effect Hindu wedding costs in Hawaii

  • The island you pick. Oahu will be the cheapest, then the Big Island, then Maui, and then Kauai which is $$$$$.

  • You'll have to fly a few extra things in.

  • You'll probably end up paying for hotel rooms and flights of close relatives.

  • You can't really expect all your friends and family to take vacation, and fly there, and pay for their rooms...and then skimp on food or decor. So you'll likely spend on the better buffets, better alcohol, etc..

  • Sightseeing, excursions.

  • Hotel pickups and drop offs.

  • Flying in an Indian DJ (Hi there!) or other singers/entertainers/pandits

  • extra luggage charges


They're isn't too much you can really do, but a few possible hacks are:

  • Ask a photographer friend to cover it for less, even if you pick up their expenses.

  • Try to use a local temple instead of a hotel for your wedding ceremony

  • Do it during low season, although you might risk rain at that time.

  • Go with the hotel stock food/kitchen, although most Indian weddings will require Indian food to keep everyone happy.

  • If you work in the travel or hospitality industry or know someone who does, see if you can negotiate something with your hotel based on mutual benefit (e.g. get their hotel covered in a magazine, etc.)

indian wedding hawaii cost
Lovely site on the islands! Not a lovely bill though!


1. Is a Destination wedding cheaper than a city wedding? I've personally found them to be about the same, because although you'll cut your guest-list down from 300 to 150, you'll more than pay in the difference in logistical items. But destination weddings are awesome!

2. Which is the best island for an Indian wedding in Hawaii?

  • Less than 50 people, Kauai or Maui.

  • 50 to 150 people: Maui or Big Island

  • Above 150 people: Oahu.

3. Are there a lot of Indians in Hawaii?

They're not a lot, but you can find out more info here at Iskcon and ask about pandits, or temples, or services you can possibly avail (Like using the temple for your wedding, or asking a priest to assist, etc..)

Need an Indian DJ for your wedding in Hawaii? Contact us now!


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