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Sangeet Dances | Easiest Way to Plan Them | USA Weddings 2019

Ajay Manaktala is the founder of Special Occasions DJ & Lighting and organizes a Sangeet almost every other week. He knows deep down what makes for an exciting sangeet and a boring one. And the first step in that process is to actually NAIL your dance preparation.

Luckily technology to the rescue.

Updated: July 2019


Congrats on being engaged or being in charge of the Sangeet dances!

Sangeets are so much fun because all your friends do a choreographed dance to show you how much they care about the bride and groom.

Hint, that's probably you or someone close to you, like your brother or sister or cousin or best friend.

For the newcomers who may be tasked with planning Sangeet dances, let me give you an intro first:

When you're happy for your sister's wedding but you HUNGRY AF.

What is a Sangeet?

It's a party, usually hosted in a hotel or other ballroom type venue where the friends and family of the bride and groom take turns dancing for them as they watch.

Then the bride and groom also does dances for the entire guest list!

This is followed by dinner, drinks and party! So basically, it's a party with 45 minutes of planned, organized, choreographed dances in the middle to Bollywood, Hindi and some English music!


What to Wear to a Sangeet?

I wrote in detail about that here, but you should wear a kurta or Sherwani/Jodhpuri that is comfortable that you can dance in, but also not casual as it is an evening hotel sort of affair.

You can also simply wear a suit if you don't want to buy one or your buddy/friends aren't arranging it. These days many brides also change for their dance and then change back, but who has the time for that!

Girls, you'll need a lehenga and blouse. Again, all info at links above.

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Sangeet Dances Preperation.
How long did they practice?

Your friends and family will dance for ideally an hour tops.