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Indian Wedding Buffet Prices & Sample Menu

Updated: Aug 13, 2019

How much should I spend on food? How many items in a buffet for 200 people? How many starters, desserts, main courses, etc..? Pasta and Pizza or just Indian?

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Wooo hooo! You're about to get married, and the hotels aren't exactly the most transparent when they tell you what to buy. I have seen some people waste upwards of $10,000 USD (yes you read that right) on food that went unconsumed, and also some that ran out of food (but this is hardly ever the case). That being said, here's a sample menu for a major five star hotel. This is the most basic package.

Sample Buffet Menu

Cost: $50-$75 per head (Major City Hotel and Up)

- International salad bar

- 2 Starters

- 1 Soup

- 2 Indian Non veg (chicken tikka masala, lamb curry)

- 3 Indian veg including dal (aloo gobi, paneer masala, black dal or lentils)

- Selection of Indian breads (naan, roti, garlic naan)

- 2 Western/Thai/Chinese non veg (fried rice, kung pao chicken, pad thai, chicken satay)

- 2 Western/Thai/Chinese veg (steamed veggies, lasagna, pizza)

- Steamed rice

- 5 Desserts including fresh fruits (chocolate mousse, cheesecake, ice cream, etc...)

Live Stations (Added end of the night):

Costs: $1,000 USD per 100 portions

1. Teriyaki Chicken

2. Live Gelato Counter

3. Noodle Station

4. Life Chicken/Lamb BBQ (Indian or Asian)

Typically at most 5-star hotels across the world you will want to spend about $50-$100 per guest on food. Some charge less, some charge more. When in doubt, ask your hotel how they will handle any food shortages.

Major points to think about:

1. Have you balanced veg and non-veg?

2. Is there a good selection of curries, semi-dry items (like Aloo-gobi aka potato and cauliflower stir-fry) and others?

3. Have you remembered that different people have different tastes and not everyone is adventurous?

4. If you're doing a sit down dinner and not doing a buffet, remember the headaches of a proper seating arrangement.

Thanks and good luck! As always mail is for a 10-minute free, no-follow up consultation. We live and breathe Indian weddings so are always happy to talk shop, or simply comment on Instagram.


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