• Ajay Manaktala

Indian Wedding Traditions for Newbies that Still Happen in 2019

Updated: Aug 20, 2019

Indian weddings are legendary and part of the continuing legacy is how we balance trends and tradition. As we enter the digital revolution and culture and weddings continue to modernize, many Hindu wedding customs either evolve, fall by the wayside or get new life. I thought I would explain what the most common traditions are across big Indian cities and America/Canada so you know what to expect and also what you're about to be a part of!

What are the most common Indian wedding traditions and customs these days?

  • Misri (also called a Pooja)

  • Sangeet

  • Mehendi

  • Haldi Ceremony

  • Photo Shoots

  • Baraat

  • Milni

  • Laja Homa

  • Mangalsutra

  • Saat Fere (walking around the fire 7 times)

A lot of customs aren't followed by every Indian family anymore as many get busy, or spend too much time away from India, or simply don't see the need for it as much anymore. And that's completely fine. For example, you probably can't have an elephant in Singapore or Australia Indian weddings, and we rarely see that these days.

But these ones listed below are still relevant. Read on for tips on each custom and to know what you should attend as a relative or guest.

Importance of the Various Indian Wedding Customs


indian wedding tradition
A small prayer ceremony, usually just for close relatives and friends the day before all the wedding stuff starts.

It's basically a prayer done with both families and close friends, a day or a week before the wedding. It's to ask for blessingss and ensure a smooth wedding and great marriage. You'll often see pictures of passed on family members, grand parents, gurus and priests the family follows, etc..

Should you attend? Unless you're super close or related, no, it would be weird if you did.

2. Mehendi

indian wedding customs
Hand painting and poolside or daytime brunch vibes are what mehendi's usually are at 3 day weddings!

This is where all the hand painting for henna happens, and the girls sing songs celebrating the bride to be's new adventure. These days the tradition has evolved to allow the boys to join on the fun, so mehendi's have evolved from small house functions with all the girls in the living room gossiping to a full on poolside brunch affairs with booze, food and of course, henna art.

Do you need to attend? You definitely should, but if you have to miss one event, let it be this (e.g. if you can't get a flight on time)

3. Sangeet

indian wedding customs 2019
Rocking Sangeet setup with band, stage, dance floor and more.

Literally means dance. It&#