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Led Walls are a Must at your Wedding

Updated: Sep 15, 2019

Every week, bride and grooms ask us about LED walls or Video walls for their special day.  So as leaders in the sound and lighting space I thought I’d explain why couples in 2019 and beyond are using LED walls more often. 

What is an LED Wall?

So What is an LED wall? A LED video wall is a large backdrop, usually 20 feet by 30 feet or larger of connected screens or flat panel displays that form one big TV screen. 

It’s very common at weddings, both western and Indian weddings for many reasons. Not all video walls are created equal and knowing just a little bit can save you thousands of dollars, which I’ll explain now. 

LED wall rental Los Angeles.
This is roughly the scale you'd expect.

Typical Use Cases for an LED Wall at Weddings

In the 80s and 90s most big fat weddings involved the bride and groom sitting at the front of the ballroom, on an elevated platform facing the entire guest list or audience.  Over time the elevated platforms evolved into a stage, which could also be used for speeches, a live band or DJ and the family’s sitting area. 

Eventually backdrops were added to play with the theme (like a carnival or casino).  In the last 5 years thanks to decreasing costs of displays and screens, LED walls have taken over the function of a backdrop. 

At most of the weddings we do in Los Angeles, Orange County and other parts of America, LED walls are used for:

  • Backdrops  (the main reason): You’ll see couples often have a soft, cloudy/dreamy backdrop during the start of their reception and then later as the party gets heated that turns into nightclub laser and light displays. 

  • Live video display of the party as it’s happening (e.g a close up of the best man giving a speech)

  • Brand Reinforcement (just showing “Chanel” or your wedding hashtag prominently to nudge people to use it)

  • Social Media walls (to show tweets/Instagrams of the folks using your wedding hashtag)

  • Slideshow of pictures of the couples from childhood to their journey or beyond

  • Step and Repeats (the logos you see celebrities standing in front of often at a press event)

Benefits of an LED wall at your wedding

There are so many benefits of a LED video wall that it’s almost a no brainer these days.  However for folks who are still unsure, the most common are:

  • Modular: You can increase the size of the wall based on if another 50 guests confirm at the last minute, as it’s just a series of smaller screens connected together.  

  • Updatable: Do you have a last minute slideshow?  Want to show a powerpoint or video messages from guests who couldn’t make it? Anything you can play on a laptop can be played on the screen for your guests with crystal clear clarity. 

  • No More Projectors: People walking in between the screen and the projector, overheating, errors with video files and computer connections are less relevant with LED walls. 

  • Beautiful: Some LED walls are so crisp and clear guests don’t even realize it’s a screen! They just think those are actual drapes or stage design! Imagine!

led wall rental orange county
Projector or LED Wall? Comment below.

What kind of LED wall do you need?

Depending on how far your tables are from the stage, the amount of people at your wedding and your stage design, your LED video wall size and costs will vary. 

Below is a rough guide so you can size appropriately: 

  • 100 Person Wedding Reception: 5 Feet High, 7 Feet Wide. 

  • 200 Person Wedding Reception: 7 Feet High by 9 Feet Wide  

  • 300 Person Indian or Ethnic Wedding Led Wall:  9 Feet High by 16 Wide  

How Much Does an LED wall cost for a wedding?

Pricing for a LED screen or wall rental varies based on size and other factors.

  • 100 Person Wedding Reception: 5 Feet High, 7 Feet Wide.   Costs around $5,000 for a 6 hour event with a 5-6 hour setup time. 

  • 200 Person Wedding Reception: 7 Feet High by 9 Feet Wide  Costs around $10,000. 

  • 300 Person Indian or Ethnic Wedding Led Wall:  9 Feet High by 16 Wide Costs around $12,000 to $15,000.

LED Wall Vendors in Los Angeles and Southern California (That’s us!)

WOVA Los Angeles


LED wall rentals are a massive trend in the Los Angeles and California wedding business these days. 

If you’re building a stage backdrop for a few thousand dollars or using outdated projector screens, it will show in your event’s design and decor. 

The majority of weddings we do, whether western Weddings or Indian weddings as well as almost all corporate events use LED walls for all the reasons stated above. 

If you’re looking for an LED wall rental vendor and cost effective prices near you, please do contact us today as we serve most of California and Arizona plus Nevada!  We specialize in corporate events and Indian weddings but have done the NBA all-star game, company holiday parties, brand activations, worked with NBC and more! 

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