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Love that Lehenga: Indian Bridal Looks in 2019 (America)

Updated: Jul 12, 2019

Indian weddings in 2019 are defining elegance. Is there anything more gorgeous than a south Asian bridal outfit on someone's wedding day? Here are five bridal lehengas we love and WHY WE LOVE THEM. When deciding on your outfits try to find that perfect blend of what you find important! They're no wrong answers if you're confident in what you wear! As cliche as it sounds, go with your instinct. There is no point wearing a bridal outfit that everybody is raving about but you don't even enjoy wearing. It's your time to shine!

Our favorite lehengas as of June 2019.

1. Minimal Elegance

Some brides want the traditional red, others want minimal yet elegant. This bride did just that with her self designed silver/blue. We love how it stands out while not STANDING out. Look at all those glances in the background and how the traditionally non contracting colors still contrast with the scarves and so on. Designer.

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2. Themed

If your favorite sports team is the lakers and that color scheme is what matters, no better way to represent than on your big day. We love the floral addition also and how it really pops against the backdrop.

3. Heritage Hand Painted

Maybe you're home town isn't the big city but the rural parts of the country, and you want that heritage flair. Did you notice the artwork of the carriages and farm animals on the lehenga? Feel free to get creative! Designer.

4. Sabya Classic (Taking it back to what Indian weddings always were)

Sabyasachi is probably the most famous Indian wedding designer and this dress is the perfect blend of tradition for the modern bride. Who can argue with the deep red that says "It's my wedding day and you better believe it." If you're confused between old school and new, and ready to shell out upwards of 10K USD for a brand name (Or hey, get your own designer to help out) then this is also a nice option.

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5. Pretty in Pink

Colors is what defines Indian culture and you don't always see pink during the big day. I wish we saw more if it at this gorgeous Udaipur wedding. Although pastels have been in fashion for years now there is no arguing how gorgeous this bride looks against the hills and sunlight on the water. LOVE LOVE LOVE!

Do you like these looks? And if so why or why not? Let us know in the comments and as always feel free to ask us for a quote or for anything Indian wedding related. We're always happy to help even virtually!

Also if you're in North America and need a quote for DJ, sound, lighting or even other wedding vendors (photography, hotel booking, catering) please do drop us a note!


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