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Partner of the Month: Lin and Jirsa

Updated: May 26, 2019

Navigating wedding vendors can be daunting. Each month, we tell you unbiased who some of our favorites in the Indian wedding business are.

Three Things you need to know about these Los Angeles Indian Wedding photographers.

1. They Know Indian Weddings

I love it when vendors who may not be as familiar with a culture take time to learn it. As you can see from their website they write about Indian customs because capturing those moments are important for their job. The parents might enter the mandap (the canopy) in a flash of 10 seconds but you need to fire off 100 shots at this time and it's important photographers know more than just technicals to appreciate the intricate moments that make up the emotion of the big day. Well done guys with all the valuable info online!

2. They Share the Knowledge

Our Indian wedding industry is one that need's to be open and transparent in order for all to thrive. Each wedding is different and often times vendors are scared to discuss tricks of the trade that took so long to learn for fear of who knows. But L&J know that the more informed you are, the better we all are at executing on your special day. As social media and the internet pretty much has any detail you could ever want online anways, it's great to see vendors make it easily accessible so clients and partners can be most informed to have the best event possible.

3. They're Creative

In a business thats so fast paced with people getting married every week, it's easy to get caught up in the routine and play the same shots, the same music, have the same flowers, and so on. But L&J continuously look to take different shots and experiment when appropriate and for that we love it!

All the best guys and thanks for being our first Partner of the Month!

Note: We do not reach out to vendors before hand nor is this a paid/sponsored post. It's simply a monthly guest post from our marketing team of folks we like. Plenty of other amazing vendors are out there all cross California and beyond so please don't think of this as exclusive endorsements!

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Nov 16, 2023

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