• Ajay Manaktala

Photo Booth Guide for your Big Fat Wedding

Ajay Manaktala is owner of Special Occasions DJ & Lighting and one of the first to bring photo booths to greater Los Angeles and Southern California weddings. He's an expert at weddings, corporate events and of course, Big Fat Indian weddings.

Wait What is a Photo Booth?

A Photo booth is a dedicated photo area or portable studio complete with props, lighting and printing that gives guests an instant memory from your special occasions.

They are very common, usually at about 75% of the weddings and corporate functions we do.

Why Should I have a Photo Booth?

Photo Booths have become an integral part of any culture's weddings.

To be honest, a photo booth is more for your guests than you.

You'll likely have a wedding photographer following you around, but the main reason we love and recommend photo booths to our clients:

  • They're valuable because in this age of digital, people get a printed memento immediately.

  • Not everybody is super sociable so it loosens people up and increases the comradery amongst friends.

  • It has a high social factor for Instagram and more. (e.g. Engagement, likes, comments and use of your wedding hasthag increase exponentially when a photo booth prompts them to share).

  • Ideal for families and long lost friends.

  • Something different from alcohol, dinner and dancing. (It actually helps with the dance floor later).

  • Customized signs and props give people common factors to bond over (e.g. teasing the bride and groom), a couple who might be having a baby or "You guys are next!" type of signs.

Types of Photo Booths

The most common types of photo booths are:

  • Open air (like your elementary school photographer in an open area)

  • Closed (self explanatory, tiny space, intimate)

  • Slow motion and green screen, which we find aren't used as often but server their space in higher end corporate functions or media events. (e.g. a phone launch or App event).

1. Should you get an open air photobooth or enclosed photobooth?

An open air photobooth generally consists of a backdrop and a structure placed in front of it which holds a camera to take photos.

The benefits of this include allowing more people in the photo!

It also creates a fun atmosphere for guests waiting in line as they can observe what others are doing which can be a party in it self. 

An enclosed photobooth is more private, and depending on the type a sleeker presence on site, but also give guests privacy.

Maybe 2 love birds want to share a kiss but not in front of Aunty and Uncle. 

photo booth indian wedding
So what do you think is going on in that enclosed photo booth?