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Wedding DJ Cost USA | 2020

Updated: Feb 10, 2020

Every day people across America and Canada get engaged, and a few months after that they start to think about their wedding DJ as part of the planning process. So I decided to breakdown the costs and prices for a professional wedding DJ in North America.

How much does a wedding DJ cost in America? The average cost for a licensed, professionally experienced wedding DJ is between $2500 and $4000 per reception. Larger luxury weddings can go up to $15,000 with sound and lighting.

wedding dj cost America
Y'all ready to dance?

Many DJ's will say they can do your wedding for $500, and I personally have been there myself when starting out. There is a lot to think about when choosing a DJ and sound/lighting professional for your nuptials, and I'll explain what you get in each price bracket so you can decide what works for you.

Keep in mind most DJs have different rates for weddings compared to a nightclub or corporate events, so plan accordingly.

Wedding DJ costs in America.
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Wedding DJ Price Brackets

Beginner DJ:$500 - $1,000

Usually between the ages of 18 and 25. Starting out in DJ'ing and looking for clients. Likely younger than the couple which means music tastes will be younger than the crowd. May not have the highest end gear but could be very talented.

Good for small college-sweetheart weddings of less than 50 people.

Bad for high end receptions or above 30+ age group weddings.

small wedding DJ cost
A basic DJ and lighting setup for 50-100 person event. Dance floor not required since floor is hardwood. This will likely be closer to $1500 due to lights/DJ booth cover.

Intermediate DJ:

Usually between 22 and 35 years old. DJ'd enough weddings, high school functions and corporate events to be doing this full time. Might not have an office but a knows how to read the crowd.

Good for couples between to 25 and 35 when the wedding is between 60 and 140 people.

Bad for high end weddings (Pelican Hill, Ritz Carlton) or larger events which require a big video/lighting/sound package.

Professional DJ

Usually runs a full service sound and lighting company that does weddings, small concerts, corporate events and professional launches. Done over 100 weddings and knows how to make everyone happy, from Frank Sinatra for the baby boomers to Drake for the teens. Expert at reading the crowd.

Good for large scale events over 200 people, audio/visual requirements, diverse crowds across age groups and ethnicities.

Bad for small weddings.

wedding DJ reception setup.
A $15,000 setup with lights, band equipment, audio/visual equipment and DJ fee. (Lights behind our camera too).

Wedding DJ Cost