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Wedding DJ Cost USA | 2020

Updated: Feb 10, 2020

Every day people across America and Canada get engaged, and a few months after that they start to think about their wedding DJ as part of the planning process. So I decided to breakdown the costs and prices for a professional wedding DJ in North America.

How much does a wedding DJ cost in America? The average cost for a licensed, professionally experienced wedding DJ is between $2500 and $4000 per reception. Larger luxury weddings can go up to $15,000 with sound and lighting.

wedding dj cost America
Y'all ready to dance?

Many DJ's will say they can do your wedding for $500, and I personally have been there myself when starting out. There is a lot to think about when choosing a DJ and sound/lighting professional for your nuptials, and I'll explain what you get in each price bracket so you can decide what works for you.

Keep in mind most DJs have different rates for weddings compared to a nightclub or corporate events, so plan accordingly.

Wedding DJ costs in America.
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Wedding DJ Price Brackets

Beginner DJ:$500 - $1,000

Usually between the ages of 18 and 25. Starting out in DJ'ing and looking for clients. Likely younger than the couple which means music tastes will be younger than the crowd. May not have the highest end gear but could be very talented.

Good for small college-sweetheart weddings of less than 50 people.

Bad for high end receptions or above 30+ age group weddings.

small wedding DJ cost
A basic DJ and lighting setup for 50-100 person event. Dance floor not required since floor is hardwood. This will likely be closer to $1500 due to lights/DJ booth cover.

Intermediate DJ:

Usually between 22 and 35 years old. DJ'd enough weddings, high school functions and corporate events to be doing this full time. Might not have an office but a knows how to read the crowd.

Good for couples between to 25 and 35 when the wedding is between 60 and 140 people.

Bad for high end weddings (Pelican Hill, Ritz Carlton) or larger events which require a big video/lighting/sound package.

Professional DJ

Usually runs a full service sound and lighting company that does weddings, small concerts, corporate events and professional launches. Done over 100 weddings and knows how to make everyone happy, from Frank Sinatra for the baby boomers to Drake for the teens. Expert at reading the crowd.

Good for large scale events over 200 people, audio/visual requirements, diverse crowds across age groups and ethnicities.

Bad for small weddings.

wedding DJ reception setup.
A $15,000 setup with lights, band equipment, audio/visual equipment and DJ fee. (Lights behind our camera too).

Wedding DJ Cost
Dj please don't stop the music till I say!

Side Note On Cheaper DJs | Pros and Cons

Can you find people cheaper and also more expensive DJs?

Of course. In fact if you don't have more than 100 people at your wedding, you shouldn't be spending more than $5,000 tops on your sound/lighting requirement, unless you have a live band. That can go up to $10,000 for wireless mics, monitors, ear pieces, instrument rental etc..


You can find hobbyists and teenagers who are just getting started. If you have seen their work and believe it's a good fit for your event or budget, by all means go ahead. If it's a small wedding of just 20-50 people, go for it!

In fact, if you're stressed about your budget yes please do shop around or worst case have a family friend handle the music with an aux cable. Also, plenty of new DJ's are great and trying to build their resume. So you might luck out. We've all been there including myself, so get them while they're cheap.


But also, if you're looking at someone much younger than you, do you want a high school/college kid playing Drake and Bieber and Ariane for your 30+ crowd or do you want:

  • someone who knows what's retro for you,

  • why NSYNC/Backstreet boys would be part fun and part-funny,

  • when Frank Sinatra or Etta James is a good choice?

  • when to slow it down for dinner and when to speed it up as the alcohol is flowing

  • how to emcee and hype the energy (most young ones are shy)

  • and also how to make your parents and grandparents bust a move?

Or maybe you want all of the above, plus someone who will MC for your event?

I'll also be honest, when I was 17 doing weddings...I look back and realize I could have done a lot better. But all that comes with time. So see what works in your budget! But if you can afford $1000 to $10,000 for a DJ, remember...all your effort and planning ultimately culminates on the dance floor!

Wedding DJ cost in 2019.
"I'm so glad we understood our DJ pricing!"

Assumptions and Explanations on DJ pricing:

  • These are prices in Los Angeles and Orange County as of 2019. Should be similar for the bay area and Chicago and New Jersey/New York.

  • I assume in places like Wichita or elsewhere it's 20% less.

  • They're costs for a single 6-8 hour block of time, like a wedding reception and/or a ceremony with a reception right after it.

  • Assumption is an American or western style traditional wedding.

  • For our Indian wedding clients, we have a whole breakdown here as those are equivalent to three American wedding receptions.

Factors that Determine Your Wedding DJ's Cost

  • Number of Guests (A 200 person wedding will likely cost 1.5 times the cost of a 100 person wedding)

  • Lighting Requirements (pintspots, uplights, decorations)

  • Dance Floor

  • Led Walls

  • Emcee services

  • After Party

  • How popular and in demand is your DJ? Are they famous outside of events?

  • Is there a live band, or someone singing?

  • Location (e.g. cruiseship or private boat may require special power considerations).

  • Number of Events you need him/her for (reception or ceremony as well)

  • Is your DJ insured? What if he/she blows the power at your hotel? Or scratches the ballroom marble while carrying a speaker stand?

wedding dj cos t
Some families want a big grand wedding, others tell guests to put away their phones. This is a 300 person wedding setup in a major venue where they needed sound/lighting for the wedding ceremony also, not just the reception.

How do You Quickly Get quotes and Negotiate A DJ?

Wedding DJ Cost in 2019.
Contact your DJ using the instructions below.

Fill out any DJ's contact form or Yelp or email them, and simply tell them you need a quote and your details so they can price it accordingly. DJs get these alerts straight to their phone and are generally very responsive to leads as most rely on weddings and list their info sites like Wedding Wire.

Your DJ can give you a ballpark figure to start over email ONLY IF you share:

  • Number of Guests

  • Where your wedding is (hotel or venue)

  • How many events you're having or what you'll need DJ services for

  • How long do you expect to dance

  • If you'll need any lighting or decoration

  • If you'll need someone to be a master of ceremonies (MC)

Wedding DJ prices in America
Baby, don't be that guy who emails our DJ and just says "hey I need a wedding DJ" without telling him the date, venue, and number of guests oK?

PRO TIP: Most DJs for weddings rely on word of mouth and referrals so if your DJ is a professional with years under his/her belt, I'm sure the pricing will be transparent and they will likely give you client referrals you can check with!


Some tips to reduce your DJ's cost:

  • Try to get a wireless mic included as opposed to extra costs.

  • Tell them you're looking at other DJs also

  • Simply negotiate pricing, most DJ's will have 10%-15% wiggle room if their date is free and don't take it personally. A good DJ won't pester you to lock it down.

  • See if you can bundle other work for them if you know others getting marred same time, or try to hire them for your next corporate show also.

  • Promise them good reviews or exposure in the media, bridal magazines, blogs, and tell them you really want them, be honest...but follow through on your end please of reviewing them on sites like WeddingWire, Yelp, etc...

  • Reduce requirements on things you may not need. (e.g. Music system in the foyer before ballroom is ready, although we advice you do have that, but if you don't need it, take it out!)


Your wedding DJ is extremely important, because that's where your entire celebration culminates, on the dance floor. Will you find DJ's cheaper or more expensive than listed here?

For sure. Regardless, this should help you get a guideline on estimates and also prioritize what's important to you. Many couples don't want a rager of a reception and prefer light dancing and intimate speeches/moments and that's completely fine!

Lastly we would like to remind you that your DJ is also trying to feed his/her family and make their profit. Please pay a fair price for a service and if they're good, go ahead and pay a premium.

Questions on DJ pricing? Comment below and congratulations!

Happy hunting!

Corporate Sound and Lighting in Southern California.

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