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Best Indian Wedding Songs for 2023

Updated: Sep 3, 2022

Want to know the best Bollywood, Hindi and Punjabi songs to play during your Big Fat Indian Wedding weekend in 2023 or later? You've come to the right place.

I'm going to explain:

  • the best tunes and music for your American Shaadi,

  • why they are perfect for your wedding

  • also keep in mind you're probably in America or Canada or somewhere that's not India.

  • Music not to play at your wedding

Your guests are probably mostly Indian, but you want to play the right Bollywood tracks and ensure EVERYBODY has a good time on that dance floor and also how they remember your wedding.

Your parents have also gotten used to being in America, but nostalgia is still a massive part of the Indian experience right?

My goal is to give you a list but also explain shaadi songs that are perfect for each event like the Sangeet or the Mehendi and specifically why these songs are good for them.

This post is different also because on a few of these tracks, I'll explain WHY I've selected these songs for Indians who grew up outside of India.

Not everyones' marriage needs these songs, but for some families they're just PERFECT.

Best Bollywood Songs in 2019 for America India weddings.
Now that's a DJ doing their job right.

Post Structure

Since this is a fairly long guide, scroll down to any of the sections below:

  1. Why Music Can Make Your Wedding

  2. Importance of the Right Wedding Songs

  3. Importance of Bollywood Dance Music

  4. Best Mehndi Songs

  5. Best Sangeet Songs

  6. Best Bridal Entrance Songs

  7. Best Bridal Entrance Songs (Slow)

  8. Best Bridal Entrance Songs Gujarati

  9. Best Indian Wedding Reception Entrance Songs

  10. Best Indian Songs for Any Indian Wedding Function

  11. Music you Want to Avoid

Why Music Can Make or Break Your Indian Wedding

All over America, Indian Bride and grooms celebrate their shaadi. And the entire wedding planning process culminates on the dance floor.

Music is super important for how you and your guests remember your wedding.

If your DJ isn't playing the best Hindi or Punjabi dance songs to pack your dance floor, especially when people should be dancing...well, why not!

Great music from a great Indian or Desi DJ can:

  • Make your photos look even better

  • Bring emotions amongst friends and family

  • Make your videos look amazing

  • End your entire wedding on a high.

Importance of the RIGHT Wedding Songs

I can personally tell you I've heard "ek ladki ko dekha to aisa laga"a 100 times and it still pulls at the heart strings like nobody's business. Seeing your mom and dad get emo while the right song starts playing is one of the best parts of the job.

Most songs at weddings are about romance, and well...duh, here we are.

But some are also meant to lift the mood, and a select few are also meant, if the timing is right, to get your mom and dad to shed those tears. So in music, just like stand up comedy...timing is everything!

Remember, most of us who grew up in Los Angeles or New Jersey or Texas probably don't listen to the Hindi songs and process the lyrics and meaning, but your parents and aunties probably do! So the words do often matter!

As some of the best Indian DJs in this space, we love to talk about the latest songs that rock every wedding (along with the classics). There is nothing more satisfying watching a bride rock out to a track you played, at the right place, right time and watching 300 hands go up, all looking for you and yours.

Best Bollywood Indian Wedding Songs in 2019.
He played our song!

Importance of Bollywood Dance Music at your Wedding!

T-Series just passed pewDePie to become the largest youTuber on the planet. In America, In Thailand, In Singapore, In Canada...everywhere.

The world loves its Bollywood and you'll need it at your wedding. I see a lot of couples in the middle of America hire a DJ who only knows like 5 Bollywood songs *cough* Slumdog millionaire* cough and then they end up simply running up to him every 10 minutes with their iPhone to play this or that track. This also happens at Indian weddings in Mexico or Hawaii where couples have sourced a local DJ but realize he not that equipped to handle uncle's jams!

Plan ahead and then enjoy your special occasions!

So what are the best Punjabi and Bollywood songs for your special occasion, when you have like 1000 a year to choose from?

We get asked this question all the time.

Best Bollywood Songs 2019
We got you fam!


From Drake to ready bro?


Best Mehndi Songs in 2020

Mehndi or Mehendi (both work) are normally kick off parties for Indian weddings in the west. They're usually held in a hotel or a house and serve as pool parties, welcome lunches and general upbeat affairs to start the festivities. And it's where you get your hand painted with henna!

mehendi los angeles
California guest of the bride enjoying a cocktail after getting her hands painted!

1. Gallan Goodiyaan | Middle Class Party Vibes

WHY: You'll see uncles singing along going "Hello Hello!"From the movie Dil Dhadakne Do, which means "Let the heart beat." The main character Anil Kapoor is a middle-aged businessman who knows that mo money means mo problems, which is *cough* like many uncles we know. The entire movie takes place on a cruise ship and most mehendi are brunch/pool time vibes which are very similar to partying on a boat.


everyone has wanted this thing, that we get a partner for all our lives (even if there are more than one lives) here something like that has happened, you have got it, right?

2. (CLASSIC) Mehndi Laga ke Rakhna | the Most Popular Movie Ever.

WHY: An absolute class and must play, thing song is pretty much about the mehendi event itself. Aunties will get sentimental, younger kids will remember it playing on the TV as kids. They'll probably also sing along. People who want to start dancing already even before Sangeet can as well. But the beauty is the song talks about putting the henna (hand paint) which is exactly what the occasion is all about!


Your beloved is coming, put your henna on girl!

3. Aankh Marey | Matchmaking Your Guests

WHY: Remakes of classics are so in these days, and this flirtatious wedding song is literally about giving somebody the wink. Those two friends you want to set up at your wedding? Take note when the DJ is blasting this one. It will set the tone for your weekend. ;) :)

As Mehndi's are usually the first event, in weddings with more than 200 people everybody is scoping each other out, love is in the air and well, we are here for love right, maybe not just the bride and grooms eh? Plus, since it's a remake all the above 35 year olds will get super into this fresh remix also.


The girl winks at me, Wherever I go, He follows me there, All the roadside Romeos, Want to be my beloved

4. Navrai Majhi | Your Parent's Immigration Jam

WHY: I can hear this song at any wedding and I always get emotional about the late Sridevi. If you've seen the movie, it's all about an Indian housewife moving to America and trying to get used to the new world.

*cough *your parents* cough* probably thirty years ago right? Your mom and dad will probably dance hard to this tune because it reminds them of moving to California or New Jersey or Texas many years ago!


"my new bride has been brought up with lot of love, she has a liking for the moon, she has been gifted by God!

5. Mehndi Hai Rachnewali| the one Song you Need to Play

WHY: Although the movie was a bit on the sadder side, this song is all sorts of Bollywood meets Jason Mraz ready to kick off the brunch and pool party. It's slightly uptempo and INSTANTLY recognizable. Oh...and it's from the world famous A.R. Rahman!

You can probably be sure you'll be faster than Shazaam on this one!


My friends say, now flower buds, Are going to blossom in your hands, Your heart, your life, Are going to receive new joys, Oh fresh bride, To take you away, your lover is going to come

Best Sangeet Songs

Sangeets are the first of 3 main events, which are the Sangeet, Wedding and Reception. The Sangeet is all about dancing so a good Sangeet playlist is heavy on the beats and party jams. They're also songs that can be danced to and lip-synced in case you use them for choreographed dances! In many Indian weddings in the west drinks are also flowing so things can be a little crazy!

1. Morni Banke  

WHY: Yet again another remake, the lyrics might sound creepy in English but watch the video and you'll see it's literally meant for a wedding. And since it's a retro remake, you'll get the 20 year olds and the 50 year olds getting down.


"Baby! Your stride is like a catwalk Living that backless top." Oh boy!

2. Gud Naal Ishq Mitha (Remake or Original) 

WHY: Another Punjabi take on a classic. But I'm telling you, people request these all the time. Younger folks will know this song, parents will know the remake and it's a perfect song for young and older folks to dance to at the Sangeet. Watch Anil Kapoor in the video of the latest video and you'll see how he jams as a father basically hosting a big shindig. (Kind of like the big fat wedding right?!?)


The beautiful Moon and the wedding dress is shining, The instruments is echoing all around, After applying colourful henna, The hands are filled

3. Dil Chori

WHY: Remake again. Oh Bollywood why do you keep doing that. But yes yes yes, all these songs are played at Indian weddings in America because PEOPLE GO MAD CRAZY WHEN THEY COME ON AND SING ALONG! Yo Yo Honey Singh started his career with people rolling their eyes thinking he's trying to be a fake rapper in Bollywood, and now he's literally cracked how to transition from fake swag to real swag. The answer? Fake it till you make it! His beats are some of the best in the business and combine that with a retro nostalgia song and you have what Indians love....trendy yet traditional!

A great song for guys to dane backstreet boys style to serenade the ladies!


"You stole my heart."

4. Queen: London Thumakda

WHY: Similar to Sridevi above, Kangana killed it in this song and movie about female empowerment and it was one of those "oh this is an INSTANT classic for weddings."