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Indian Bridal Makeup | Bollywood MUA's for your Indian Wedding

Updated: Aug 20, 2019

Want to hire the same Indian makeup artists that the Bollywood stars do for your big fat Indian wedding bridal makeup?

Well, it's actually a lot easier thank you think. And they're not as expensive as you might assume. In fact, they're probably in the same pricing zone as many youTube make up artist celebrities.

In this short post I'm going to explain a few things to know BEFORE you contact them and then list 5 that I have no affiliation with...they're just killing it on IG amongst the 100 who say they all are.

Most Bollywood makeup artist's do Indian weddings all the time, and in fact outside of industry events they rely on upmarket Gujarati and Punjabi weddings (and pretty much any other Indian wedding) for their bread and butter.

Warning, they're not cheap. Fee's (e.g. $500-$2K per sangeet/mehendi/reception/wedding makeup) plus business class travel if you want them to come from India, plus of course hotel/stay/expenses/visa's.

the minimal non-makeup makeup look is in. While writing this article I learned what a smokey eye is.

PRO TIP: Try to see if any of them are traveling around the time of your wedding. Most will be more open to it if they can piggy back a trip off of it.

That being said, here are 5 Indian Bridal Makeup artist's from Bollywood that you can hire in 2019.

I don't know any of these makeup Artist's, I simply asked the ladies in my family who's the latest (they're on Instagram all day and follow all of them) and greatest.

Sandhya Shekar (Deepika Padukone, Anushka Sharma)

Elton J Fernandez (Additi Rai, Ali Bhatt)

Shaan Muttathil (Jacqueline Fernandes)

Namrata Soni (Sonam Kapoor)

Daniel Bauer (Alia Bhatt, Priyanka Chopra)

And lastly - make sure you get a good MUA who is on-time and professional. The last thing you want is someone who makes you an hour late for your reception because they were too busy hogging your time for their Instagram portfolio!

As a DJ and EmceeI hate that!!!!

Even if your Bollywood dream make up artist isn't available for your Indian wedding, some of them might be nice enough to give you a advice on who else to hire, as networking is super important in their game. Or simply find a local makeup artist in your area and send them the girls' work above as references.

Remember, a good make up artist (another article I suppose) will know how to use photos, light, shadows, and be on top of their game with trends.

While you're here...if you need help with Sound/DJ/Lighting production for your Big Fat Indian wedding in California or North America...


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