• Ajay Manaktala

Indian Weddings in San Francisco Bay Area | Full Guide

Updated: May 9, 2020

What’s up Bay Area! Are you thinking about planning your big fat South Asian wedding in San Francisco, Sacramento, Silicon Valley or elsewhere in Northern California? 

You’re in the right place! 

How To Plan an Indian Wedding in the Bay Area

San Francisco is the high tech artery that powers the entire modern world.  Given the high density of jobs in STEM (software, technology, engineering and medicine) fields in SF...you can be sure there will also be a high density of Indians! 

Indian wedding bay area
Time to sell some of that Amazon stock to pay for this!

Most people who look to do their wedding in the Bay are usually from families that live there, have married into a family that has or are working professionals who have settled in California's most expensive city. 

Since a ton of desis not only live in SF but also work there from India as part of the H1B visa lottery, there is a massive Indian community of both NRI’s and second generation Indian-Americans.  Many of the folks under 40 who are currently engaged were either born in America or moved here as part of school or work, and in many cases got engaged in India but are now doing their wedding in the states. 

The types of Indian communities we see aren’t exactly known, but for this post we’ll discuss “Indian weddings” as they pertain to:

  • South Indians (Andhra, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Kerala)

  • North Indians (Delhites)

  • Punjabis

  • Gujaratis 

  • Bengalis

  • Pakistanis

  • Sri Lankans

  • Mixed

  • Bangladeshis

My goal is to take you through the Indian wedding industry in SF and give ideas for folks living in areas like Palo Alto, Cupertino, Sunnyvale etc…

I’ll also explain costs and hacks for you to save some cash. 

I’ll then wrap it up with some vendors you can look at if you decide to get hitched here!

Since this is a long post, scroll ahead to any of the following sections per the outline below:

  1. The Very First Step You Must Do for SF and Bay Area Weddings

  2. Why Plan your Wedding in the Bay Area?

  3. Main Cities in San Francisco to have a South Asian wedding

  4. Venue Primer and Basics

  5. Main Hotels in SF to host Indian Weddings

  6. Factors That Are Unique to SF for Weddings

  7. How Much Does an Indian Wedding Cost in SF?

  8. Priorities for your SF Guests

  9. Food and Catering Vendors

  10. Venue Considerations (Guest’s Point of View)

  11. Planners, Event Team & Decorators

  12. Photographers

  13. Videographers

  14. Baraat 

  15. Pandit and Priest's we Recommend

  16. Pros of a Wedding in SF

  17. Cons of a Wedding in SF

  18. Conclusions

System.out.println(“Are you ready techies?”);

Ok sorry, tech joke.  Let’s go!!

indian wedding planning san Francisco
As Indian hospitality dictates, you need to know your guest list first!

The Very First Step You Must Do for SF and Bay Area Weddings

You may have already done this step in which case skip ahead.  But if you have not finalized your guest list or at least finalized everybody you’re inviting, please go back and finish that process now. 

With Indian weddings in America, as I say for years...you have to start with your guest list.  

As many people in the Bay Area know, US Visas are not so straightforward or forgiving these days.