• Ajay Manaktala

Punjabi Wedding Guide | USA Indian Wedding | 2019

Updated: Dec 13, 2019

Are you a soon to be Punjabi bride or groom?

Big fat Punjabi Wedding in America or Canada on your mind?

Aunties and Uncles telling you a million things but you need a "for dummies" sort of approach?

Oh Balle Balle!

Ok sorry I had to.

Once upon I had hair.

In this post I'm going to explain five hacks on how to have a great Punjabi Wedding in North America, be trendy but also traditional (turning into our catchphrase here!) and also impress your American or Canadian hometown with your Punjabi culture swag.

Basically have the best Punjabi wedding ever while also keeping the fam jam happy!

Punjabi Weddings and Indian weddings are dope and there aint no denying it!

So let's go!

1. Learn the Basics even if Mom/Pop got it Handled

Hello Puttar!

Regardless if mummy/daddy are going to handle all the customs, get on Wikipedia and learn what a Roka or Haldi ceremony is (e.g. engagement announcement and good luck), why it's a big deal (is it a money thing or just a cultural thing for your specific family) and what ceremonies are important to your Grandma who is coming out of the village.

At Punjabi weddings the older folks, even the ones you may rarely see are a stickler for customs so make sure you keep them happy too! Ironically, the wedding isn't just about you!

It takes ten minutes to learn your Punjabi wedding customs so get on it! Or simply ask your parents :)


What do the groom parents pay for?

What do the bride parents pay for?

Who should buy the jewelry?

Who do we need to have gifts for?

Are wedding gifts needed?

Even if both sides say "no gifts, are they still going to get gifts? What if we're empty handed? Will somebody be insulted.

This happens at Indian Weddings in America, Canadaa, Australia and elsewhere across the world.


Discuss it openly before hand, because otherwise somebody will feel hurt during the wedding.

Yes it's awkward...but ask your in-laws (or have your partner ask) should anybody expect anything. Do we need gifts for your cousins? For your parents?