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Easy Sangeet Dances for Indian Wedding Performance & Tips (2023)

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

My brother just got married and even though I've been married for four years, I forgot how stressful dancing at a Sangeet can be. So I decided to look into how technology has made the process easier and also upped the game of the modern Sangeet. Here's some easy free choreography for Indian American brides.

Looking for the Easiest Indian Dance Steps at your Sangeet?

In this post I'll first:

  • Give you some tips on the easiest way to not be stressed out about organizing your Indian wedding dance performances,

  • Then I'll simply show you 5 easy steps that I personally know which will work.

  • Lastly I'll give you guidance on hire to your own choreographer.

The Sangeet is a pre-wedding function, normally in a hotel ballroom in America (for Indian-American weddings) where different groups of friends of the bride and groom, and families, dance for them.

Easiest Sangeet dance choreography
Get ready to watch your friends dance!

If you're getting married or curious about planning or how to organize your sangeet dances, you need to read these tips to make it easy on yourself.

1. How should I do easy Sangeet dance choreography? I'm confused!

If you're a busy bee who works in a corporate or just not a dancer, chances are you have a week to go for your Sangeet and you haven't done anything.

Sangeet easy dance choreography planning

You need to do 3 things:

  • Pair up your teams to figure out how many dances you'll have (graphic above)

  • Find YouTube videos online (at bottom of this post) OR hire someone (also at bottom of post) to send you choreography videos.

  • Make sure your friends practice.

2. How many Dances should I have at my Sangeet?

Answer: However many takes 45 minutes typically 8 with time to setup/switch.

Use the illustration above to pair up your friends and family, and then make sure you don't have more than 8 dances.


People will get bored/restless by the 10th dance otherwise.

I DJ a sangeet at least twice a month and I can tell you after 40 minutes, 300 people get hungry, use the toilet, grab a smoke, take a call, whatever.

The best and most memorable Sangeet performances are the ones that leave you wanting more, and then you can continue that until 1-2AM on the dance floor!

In a nutshell, try to keep 3-4 dances from your side (high school, college, family), 3-4 dances from their side, and one dance from you as the couple.

After watching 10 switches of people/music, the audience will be ready to keep the evening moving forward!

Don't try to mix groups if you can avoid it (e.g. your high school friends with her college friends), these days nobody practices on time and they always push it until the end especially if they're not already close!

easy sangeet dance
When you virtually practiced your easy sangeet dance steps and now you can enjoy the performance.

3. How long should the dances be?

Answer: Not more than 1-3 minutes, except you and your wife should be 3-5 minutes.

You know hard it is to remember choreography these days?

Sangeet Dances are so much fun because your friends get together and rock out, all for you.

They spent time out of their busy schedules to actually learn something and memorize it, not just buy something online and carry it over to you.

As we talked about here in how to organize your Sangeet dances with friends all over the world, it's a beautiful gesture.

easy sangeet dances
When you go off script during the dance!

That being said, you should choreograph the dance you and your wife will do first, before you try to ask your friends for a big complicated routine thinking they'll nail it. You'll realize ok, maybe just a minute or too will keep things tight and pretty

Trust me, they'll put it off till the end.

Once is a banker in New York, the other a doctor in Seattle, the third plays poker in Vegas. You really think they're going to skype every day for a week to figure this out?


1. Medium Difficulty Sangeet Dance, Will take 4 Hours to Learn.

2. Easiest Difficulty Sangeet dance steps, will take 2 hours to learn.

3. Easiest and Best Lesson Sangeet Choreography, will take 2 hours to learn.


NUMBER ONE THING TO REMEMBER: Don't let your entire dance sequences go more than an hour! The larger the audience, the more they'll start talking/shifting/going in and out.

A 90 second dance, with setup, transition, and hugging it out after they're done is a full 5 minute ordeal. Times 8 dances!

Reduce timing related to crowd:

If you have a guest list of 200 people in your venue for your Sangeet, you can have your dances take an hour.

If you have 300, I would say reduce it to 45 minutes.

If you have 400 or more, keep it down to 30 minutes! Trust us!


Bangkok Sangeet we did in Feb 2019.

Questions? As always ping us on Instagram with any wedding related questions, even if you don't live in our country and we'll happily answer to help you out.

Ajay Manaktala is an Indian wedding expert who has personally DJ'd over 500 Sangeets in America and the world. He knows what makes a fun and memorable Sangeet, and what makes a bad one. He is also recognized by Quora as an expert on Indian weddings.


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